This last week I was FaceTiming my friend, Sachi, and I found my old yearbooks. She looked for hers and found them and we spent 2 hours looking back at us and our friends without even knowing it.

It was really fun and it felt really good when we were looking back and reliving old memories. We told each other about old teachers and old friends that we don’t see much anymore. We also started talking about old things that we’ve read or watched on TV like “The Wonder Pets” (comment if you remember), “Junie B. Jones” (Comment!!), and “The Magic Tree House”(COMMENT!!!).

My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Ms.Schumann, (follow her on instagram @pandaschu). She is a Westlake girl and she was on Highline. She is very young and awesomesauce. On the last days of school I can distinctly remember that there was 2 girls crying and at least half the class was on the verge of tears(including me). I still miss her and hope to see her again soon.

I had 2 friends that both moved to San Diego and I haven’t seen them in forever(It makes me think that there is a secret club or something there). They were both my best friends and I had always talked with them. I still have other friends now, but I don’t think that I will forget them.


Comment below if you remember something!!

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2 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. Mrs. Kriese says:

    Yearbooks are such treasures. I still have my middle school yearbooks, and I love to look back on those friendships and the memories we shared.

    “Awesomesauce” is an awesome word! Love it.

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