The Lonely Chasm

Drip, drip, drip. The icy cold water drips from the stalactites hanging in the darkness above. This dark, damp, place s where the phantom of the opera lives. The pipe organ, looming above everything, the lake rarely moving, besides the little ripples from drops. And lastly, the phantom, composing his music of the night.

Dark, damp, dreary. The blackness inside the cave reflects the darkness within. As he site, composing his maniacal music . You see shadows elongating and moving around the caver. The cave, so far away from the surface that anything trapped inside may never see the light of day. As for the phantom, he may never see the light if it were staring him right in the face, so consumed is he in the night.


Why Draco Malfoy is the most misunderstood person in Harry Potter.

One of the most broken, misunderstood, and judged characters in Harry Potter is Draco Malfoy. Can you imagine living in a family that forces you to act a certain way and like certain things and if you don’t you get punished horribly? Because that’s what Draco Malfoy went through.

In the Half-Blood Prince, Draco goes to test out the vanishing cabinet and uses a baby bird. the bird is successfully transported to the death eaters, but when it goes back it’s dead, the death eaters killed it. Draco cries because thats when he realizes that he had been allied with killers and murderers since the day he was born.

Later on in the Half-Blood prince, Draco is assigned the task of killing Dumbledore by Voldemort. Even Dumbledore knows that Draco wouldn’t be able to do it, so Snape goes instead and kills him. In that scene, you can see that Draco is very conflicted,  he wants to prove himself and make his family proud, but he doesn’t want to kill.

All of the books and movies show Draco as a boy who hates all good and is bent on being very mean to Harry, but if you think about it, he has been raised for 11 years in a family that taught him that purebloods are the best and you should never  be friends with half bloods or mubbloods. He has been raised in a family that was very strict and didn’t want him to be anything other than what they wanted him to be. When Draco started learning that what he had been taught was wrong, he wanted to stop but he couldn’t.

Draco is misunderstood, and he gets a bad reputation. If you put yourself into his shoes you’ll see that he is actually just trying to do what his family wants him to do. How could he have changed all his habits when thats all he had been learning to do for 13 years, when his family that he loves would probably disown him if he stopped.


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Harry Potter Houses

I love Harry Potter!! It is the best!! It was the first book series that I read and from that point on I have been reading books. Right now I am re-reading the whole series, and as I am reading I am seeing that there is foreshadowing and little details that you miss the first few times through. What I want to talk about is the fact that there are a lot of house stereotypes.

The Slytherins are heartless. They are always shown as being evil and mean, but if you think about it, they are being excluded by everyone else so is it really a surprise that they didn’t want to help or be nice to anybody? They were excluded for not wanting to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts when the people that they were fighting might have been their moms, dads, friends, cousins, uncles, siblings even grandparents. The whole school got mad at them for not wanting to fight their family.  And there is even proof that Slytherins can turn out to be good, For instance Severus Snape, who loved Lily Potter until the day he died. Not to mention Horace Slughorn the potions master in The Half-Blood Prince. He had a weekly meeting of the “slug club” where everybody was welcome, muggle-borns and pure-bloods alike.  Not to mention Regulus Black the Slytherin who did turn to the dark side for a little bit, but then he turned right back around and tried to kill Voldemort.  Maybe some Slytherins are mean but that is no excuse to judge every single one of them just because they were placed in the house of ambition.

Ravenclaws are  stuck-up. Throughout the books they are shown as just being smart and thinking that they are better than everyone else because of it. Do you really think that they are just bent on studying? They have social lives too, they have the same drama, worries and stresses that you do. In the 4th book, the girls are shown trying to get love potions for Harry. Not to mention Luna, who is whimsical and amazing and overwhelmingly positive and doesn’t hate anyone. She isn’t stuck up and cold, She is warm and welcoming. All Ravenclaws aren’t even smart, look at Gilderoy Lockhart, the most annoying yet funny character in the book. He isn’t smart or cunning, he just puts his name on other people’s work and gets money. It’s basically plagiarism. Sure Ravenclaws are in the house of the smart, but just because they are supposed to be smart doesn’t mean that they don’t do anything else except get good grades.

Hufflepuffs are weak. They’re always called pushovers, doormats, nice and even Hagrid calls them “lot o’ duffers,”. They didn’t ask to be in Hufflepuff but they shouldn’t be sad that they are. Hufflepuff is the house of the kind and I personally, think that being kind is the best thing you can do for someone. The whole Hufflepuff house doesn’t even really show up until the Goblet of Fire when Cedric is chosen as the most worthy wizard in Hogwarts to compete, and when him and Harry get transported to the graveyard Cedric is brave and stands up to Voldemort to fight him. Cedric is very brave and he was the most worthy wizard chosen over Griffindor’s Angelina Johnson. There’s also Nymphadora Tonks, who was a auror. She hunted down and caught dark wizards. Does that sound like something a pushover doormat would do? Tonks was a fighter. She died in the battle of Hogwarts fighting for her husband, her friends, her family and most of all her son. Just because the Hufflepuffs are “nice” doesn’t mean that they are pushovers, nice means that they will give everyone a chance and they will help people in need.

Griffindors are brave. Griffindor is the main house throughout the whole story so everybody thinks that they all would be good and heroic, but that just isn’t true. Even though this is a “good” stereotype it’s not true. Sure we always see Griffindor doing the brave stuff and working hard to fix the evil in the world, but we don’t see the people who don’t care, who don’t want to work, who are scared. For instance, Peter Pettigrew, the rat, he was in Griffindor but what did he do? He sold his whole friend’s family to Voldemort, and then he hid and when Sirius found him he staged his own death and ran away! He didn’t stay and fight, he didn’t own up to his crimes, he even let Sirius, his old friend, be sent to the worst jail in the world. And after that? He hid. He changed into a rat and stayed in the Weasley family for 12 years. When he was found, he ran away yet again and then went back to Voldemort. Peter Pettigrew was the farthest away you could ever be from a Griffindor. Just because our heroes are from the house of the brave doesn’t mean everyone there is good.

on instagram: @afterallthistime_always1

on instagram: @afterallthistime_always1

Last Game!!!

Today is our last game of the basketball season against Hudson Bend, and I am so excited and kinda sad. Sad because it’s our last game. Since basketball season is ending, track is starting next week, and I am really excited for that. I hope we win this game and finish our season on a good note — and we have a party tomorrow :)!!!!!!

I am really excited because track!!! I was thinking of doing either the 100 or 200 meter dash (which would be hard because so many people would be doing it) the 100 meter hurdles, the long jump, and maybe the 400 by 100 relay (if they have that in middle school).  The thing is, that all the jumps and hurdles are after school and I’m not sure if I can go. I think I can, but I don’t know. I’m also excited for track because I get to do it with more friends than the other sports. I had friends in the other sports, but I get to do track with more friends.

Another reason I  am excited (I’m so excited this month) is that I have a lot of volleyball tournaments, which is really exciting. I am excited because the first we went to was last Saturday and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

All in all, I am so excited this month, and after this month spring break will come up!!!!!!