Percy Jackson Movies

Percy Jackson. I hate the movies. I absolutely HATE the movies, they are horrid.

Reason #1: The characters aren’t even the right age. In the first movie Percy is 16,but in the book he’s 12. That’s a 4 year difference!! Same with Annabeth and Grover. Luke is the right age but in the books he’s supposed to be 4 years older then Percy.

Reason #2: The characters don’t even look like they are supposed to! Annabeth in the book has blonde, curly hair and stormy gray eyes, but in the movie she has brown, straight hair and blue eyes. Grover is black when in the book he is supposed to be white (This is NOT racist, I am just saying what is in the book), and he does not have crutches. Percy is supposed to have sea green eyes, but he has brown eyes and his hair is supposed to be messy.

Reason #3: The storyline is wrong. Probably the most important reason, the storyline is wrong; they changed the whole plot The whole movie is about finding the pearls, but in the book Percy was handed the pearls at the bottom of the Mississippi River after falling off the Gateway Arch. Also a lot of the characters weren’t even there, Ares never even made an appearance in the movie, Luke never gave a shield to Percy, and Hades never had his helm stolen. Percy never fought with Echidna, and Posiedon never made a special cabin for Percy.

All in all, the movies were not up to par, in fact, they never even got into the hole.

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