Ugh!! I am so stressed right now. Between the all region choir auditions, the SAT and just plain old school, I have a lot to do right now. I also have volleyball, dance, DI and I have to get up at 5:30 to go to basketball which starts a hour before school.

I have choir auditions this Saturday and the SAT is on the same day. So I have to finish the SAT and then I have to go to the audition really quickly so that I actually will be able to audition. I have to prepare for both of those so I will do good and not fail. So I have to take a SAT practice test when I can and I also have to practice all of my choir pieces.

Another source of stress is my Friday. I have DI right after school and then right after DI I have to come home and get ready for dance. As a result I am always late for dance class (and my teacher isn’t too happy about that) and I have to leave DI early (which I hate doing), but Di will be over in March which is sad and happy because, no more DI 🙁 , but less stress 🙂 !

I hope that I won’t be this stressed next year and that summer will come faster, so I can just laze around, eat and watch netflix each day…


I absolutely love DI! It has been one of my favorite things in school since 1st grade and I am so happy that I can do DI this year, but this year something happened that alomost made it impossible for me to do DI. My dance class was at the same time, I know what you are thinking “Why don’t you just change your dance class?” Well that’s because my dance teacher is very busy right now and couldn’t move the dance class.

2 weeks before DI started my mom asked my dance teacher if we could switch class times with another group, and she said that my mom would have to check with them, so my mom sent an email. Guess what happened, that’s right the other group didn’t want to move.

The week before DI started my mom gave it one more shot and asked to move the class agian, my dance teacher asked her to tell everybody and ask them if they can change. Thankfully, they all could and I got to do DI this year!


Comment below if you are in DI!!