My Fanfiction

I just recently started writing a fanfiction about Percy Jackson. It’s set after the giant war and it’s a betrayal story. Annabeth betrays Percy by cheating on him with his half-brother. Now, before you get mad at me, let me tell you that I  LOVE Percabeth, I would never want them to break up in the real story, but in the fanfiction it would be better if they broke up. Percy will most likely be with Thalia, but I would love if you guys gave me suggestions!

The whole plot of the story is basically this: Percy gets betrayed by Annabeth and now his only friends are Nico and Thalia; they all run away from Camp Half-Blood because they hate all the campers. When they are about to die, Chaos rescues them and they become amazing fighters. Then, 500 years later they have to go back to earth and help the gods against a enemy(I don’t know who yet) and they still don’t like them and they go back to the chaos realm, but that’s all I know right now.

The story is called betrayed and I would love if you would read it(when I publish it).

Sorry Snily!!

One of my obsessions is Harry Potter. I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter, as a result of that I have a few things about it that I am a bit over passionate about, one of those things is Jily(James and Lily) they are my OTP (one true pair) for that book series (let’s be real, I have like 100 true pairs). Anyway, these two aren’t ever really shown in the book but we all know their story.

At the end of the series it is revealed that Snape, the mean potions master, liked Lily too and that revelation sparked a never ending debate between the people who want Snape with Lily(Snily) and the people who want James with Lily(Jily). I myself like Jily because their patronus’ (a representation of their soul) go together. James’ is a stag and Lily’s is a doe, also the fact that Lily did turn down both of them but when she turned down Snape he just became all sad and didn’t do anything o try to make himself better, whereas James did things to make himself better and kept trying to make her like him, but the fact remains that the Snily shippers also have very good arguments too, and I personally think that this debate will never end.

Comment below your OTP (It could be from books, movies, TV shows,etc. it could even be real people!)