Why Draco Malfoy is the most misunderstood person in Harry Potter.

One of the most broken, misunderstood, and judged characters in Harry Potter is Draco Malfoy. Can you imagine living in a family that forces you to act a certain way and like certain things and if you don’t you get punished horribly? Because that’s what Draco Malfoy went through.

In the Half-Blood Prince, Draco goes to test out the vanishing cabinet and uses a baby bird. the bird is successfully transported to the death eaters, but when it goes back it’s dead, the death eaters killed it. Draco cries because thats when he realizes that he had been allied with killers and murderers since the day he was born.

Later on in the Half-Blood prince, Draco is assigned the task of killing Dumbledore by Voldemort. Even Dumbledore knows that Draco wouldn’t be able to do it, so Snape goes instead and kills him. In that scene, you can see that Draco is very conflicted,  he wants to prove himself and make his family proud, but he doesn’t want to kill.

All of the books and movies show Draco as a boy who hates all good and is bent on being very mean to Harry, but if you think about it, he has been raised for 11 years in a family that taught him that purebloods are the best and you should never  be friends with half bloods or mubbloods. He has been raised in a family that was very strict and didn’t want him to be anything other than what they wanted him to be. When Draco started learning that what he had been taught was wrong, he wanted to stop but he couldn’t.

Draco is misunderstood, and he gets a bad reputation. If you put yourself into his shoes you’ll see that he is actually just trying to do what his family wants him to do. How could he have changed all his habits when thats all he had been learning to do for 13 years, when his family that he loves would probably disown him if he stopped.


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Going to New York!!!

I am really looking forward to Christmas break this year. I am going to New York this year for almost the whole Christmas break. I have relatives that live there and it is going to be so fun. My aunt and uncle live there with my 2 cousins; one of them is in his senior year of collage and the other is in 3rd grade.

This is the 2nd time that I am going this year(I went in summer). Last time I went, I went to Wicked on Broadway and this time we are going to Cinderella —I am so excited!!

I am going to be spending Christmas there and I am really looking forward to browsing shops in New York. Here I kind of know what I want and where to get it, but there I won’t know what I will find.

I hope that we will go to the ball drop, but we might not and maybe that is a good thing because there is probably going to be a lot of people there. If I watch it at the house then I have a guaranteed and undisturbed view (comment below what I should do).

Anyways, I am really excited because I can meet my relatives and have a lot of fun.



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Hope it snows!

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Comment below what you’re doing for Christmas!!!


SSEP (Student Spaceflight Experiments Program)

This whole week in GT I was working with my group, on something called SSEP. We have to come up with an experiment that can take place in microgravity (space), on the ISS, and in this tiny thing called and FME.

First we write a 6 page proposal, which basically says, why this experiment is important and tells the astronauts what to do. Then, we make a board for our proposal which displays the proposal (kind of like a science fair), and we present that to the judges at science night. Finally if our project is picked then they send it on a shuttle to go to the ISS.

Our question was: How will microgravity affect the process of fermentation of a cucumber versus on fermentation on Earth?  We are using a type 2 FME (which means that we have 2 compartments for stuff) and one compartment will have the cucumber sliver and the other will have the salt brine (salt and water).

I have been so stressed out for the past week, because my group had not even gotten halfway done with the proposal and it was due the next day! We finished the proposal on the day it was due, now for this week we have to make our poster board.

This is what we are using.

This is what we are using 



Dance Recital

I have a dance recital coming up. I do Bharatanatyam, a style of Indian classical dance, I dance at DIVYATHRAYAM school of dance.The recital is on Sunday, November 2, 2014, and I am doing 4 items(dances). I know that doesn’t sound like much it is a lot in this style of dance.

The thing about preforming Bharatanatyam is the makeup, it is ANNOYING! There is literally like 3 pounds of makeup on your face(like 1 pound of that is foundation) it is the most annoying thing. 2nd place goes to the jewelry(that’s right, we where jewelry while dancing) and hair. The jewelry is like 5 pounds (that’s 8 pounds of stuff now) and it’s all pulling back on your head (so your head feels like it will fall off). The hair is either a bun or a braid(usually, it may change), the bun is just very uncomfortable, but the braid is annoying because you have to add fake hair to your regular hair(if you don’t have hair that long already) so you feel the weight of your hair double and that is pulling on your head another 1 pound(9 pounds). The least annoying thing is the costume, it’s the biggest thing but it is the least annoying. It just depends on what you get it stitched out of, but the usual things that go wrong is that it is getting small(or big), it is itchy ect.

But all in all I love dance and preforming is really a small part of it, my favorite thing is learning about new stories and getting to share them out to other people, I also feel very in touch with my heritage when I am dancing.

a tutorial on Bharatanatyam makeup

It's Classical Time In Chennai....Dance And Music  In The Air.....

A bharatanatyam preformer

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Texas Teen Book Festival!!!

Yesterday I went to the Texas Teen Book Festival (TTBF), it was SO exciting!! I loved it, I got 2 books signed and bought many pre-signed books, I got “Champion” by Marie Lu signed and I got “Death Cure” by James Dashner signed. I also bought signed editions of “If I stay” by Gayle Forman, “The 100” by Kass Morgan, and “Deceived” by L.A Starkey, I ALSO (I know I did a lot of things) bought regular editions of “Five Out of the Dark” by Holli Anderson, and “The 5th Wave” by Rick Yancey.                          

I went to this writing camp where they chose 1 person to represent each class at this festival. I wasn’t chosen but I still went and they make a book with all of the children’s writing in it and they have it published(so technically I’m a published author). After that I went to stand in the MILE LONG book sales line, BOOK SALES! The book sales line was longer than the actual author signing line, thankfully It didn’t take that long. While I was in the line my friend Maddie(her blog is under the “friends blogs” tab) found me and we talked. After like an HOUR I finally got into the tent and bought all of the above books.

When I finished buying the books, me and Maddie went to the James Dashner keynote, which was him telling us young people how he became a published author and it was really interesting. He wanted to be a published author for a long time but since it was really hard he instead became an accountant, and he really struggled to become the big author he is today. after that we waited in the line to get our books signed, since we didn’t want to wait in 2 different lines, we made our parents wait in one line and we waited in the other and we got all of our books signed in 1 shot. 

Right after our books got signed we went to the cafeteria and ate lunch, then we went to a panel discussion, the subject was “From Shelf to Screen” so James Dashner (Maze Runner), Gayle Forman (If I Stay), and Kass Morgan (The 100, which is a TV Show) were all there and Ransom Riggs (The moderator) asked questions about how they felt about the movie and how it was working on the set with the actors and basically anything you can think about to ask authors about their movies.

All in all the Texas Teen Book Festival was amazing and I am really looking forward to next year.

Books that I bought

Books that I bought