Last Game!!!

Today is our last game of the basketball season against Hudson Bend, and I am so excited and kinda sad. Sad because it’s our last game. Since basketball season is ending, track is starting next week, and I am really excited for that. I hope we win this game and finish our season on a good note — and we have a party tomorrow :)!!!!!!

I am really excited because track!!! I was thinking of doing either the 100 or 200 meter dash (which would be hard because so many people would be doing it) the 100 meter hurdles, the long jump, and maybe the 400 by 100 relay (if they have that in middle school).  The thing is, that all the jumps and hurdles are after school and I’m not sure if I can go. I think I can, but I don’t know. I’m also excited for track because I get to do it with more friends than the other sports. I had friends in the other sports, but I get to do track with more friends.

Another reason I  am excited (I’m so excited this month) is that I have a lot of volleyball tournaments, which is really exciting. I am excited because the first we went to was last Saturday and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

All in all, I am so excited this month, and after this month spring break will come up!!!!!!


In 2 weeks I have to go to Pflugerville Middle School for All-Region Choir auditions. ♪♫

I have to go to PMS (Pflugerville Middle School) on January 24. The problem is that I need to take the SAT on that day, so I get a late time slot around 2:00. Even then, it will be hard to get there. I am carpooling with my friend, Sarah, and we both are trying out. She is a soprano 1 (which is the highest part) and I am a soprano 2 (which is the lowest part).

The auditions are blind auditions, which means that the judges can’t see you and you can’t see the judges. Also the judges don’t know anybody’s name; everybody gets numbers instead. You have to learn 4 pieces (this year’s pieces are: Safe and Sound, She Sings, Aya Ngena, and Sonatemi un Balleto) then about a week from the audition they announce the 2 pieces that they will actually hear you sing. After that, like 2 days away from the audition, they tell you which part of the songs they want to hear. Finally, you audition.

We have been practicing for the competition for 2 weeks, and I really want to get in.  The hardest pieces in my opinion are Sonatemi un Balleto (it’s in italian) and She Sings.

Comment below if you have ever auditioned!!!

WRMS Volleyball

I love volleyball, it is so fun. We’ve played 2 games so far, the first against Hudson Bend (We won!!!) and one against Dripping Springs (Sadly, we lost), our next game is against Lake Travis (We have to win!!!) and I am really excited.

The Hudson Bend game was kind of easy because they had a bad day and couldn’t return the ball off the serve. We won that game thanks to Ananya because she got 12 serves over in a row!!!

The Dripping Springs game was really hard we were all kind of tensed up after seeing the A-team lose but we went anyway. Also there were Dripping Springs guys there and they were being like cheerleaders and doing chants, they also did this annoying thing where when we were serving they would all yell “Yea!” at the sometime to throw the servers off (it was really annoying).

The Lake Travis game is tomorrow in the back gym (8th grade is the front gym)and my match is a bit later then the other team’s match. so I have to be there for twice as much time.

Comment below if you play a sport!