Month: October 2014

Halloween Costume!

When I was younger, all I wanted to be for Halloween was something scary, gross, or disgusting.

I remember I went through a phase where I was obsessed with vampires.  So that year, I tried to find the best vampire costume to wear on Halloween.  I was really proud of what I found.  I wore a creepy dress, with white makeup all over my face, and dark makeup around my eyes.

A couple years later, I was a doctor.  I wanted to be a doctor, because I was obsessed with the show, Grey’s Anatomy.  The actors were all doctors, and it seemed like it was a lot of fun.  I wore blue scrubs with a surgical mask, and some doctor tools to resemble a doctor performing a surgery.

This year is totally different.  A group of my friends and I planned to do a group costume.  We all decided to do different types of candy as our costume.  I did Nerds.  We made our own shirts.  I put the Nerds logo on the shirt, and surrounded it with the Nerd looking animals.  The whole group is wearing the shirts we made, Nike shorts, and long socks.

This years costume is different then the others, because I’m just not as excited to dress up for Halloween as I used to be.


Two days after last summer started, my family and I, traveled to Esla Mujaries, Mexico. This was our first beach trip out of the country with my two little brothers. They were so excited to leave the country, especially my brother Jake, he couldn’t wait to leave kindergarten to go to the beach in Mexico.

We arrived in Esla Mujaries around 1:00pm. The day had already started there. The streets were lined up with dancers, and you could see a little shop everywhere you looked. We met up with some friends who were the ones who told us about this tiny island off of cocoon. We spent the rest of our day playing at the beach right behind our hotel.

Day 2, of our Esla adventure started out with a bang. We woke up bright and early to go to breakfast on the other side of the island. We got to ride there in golf carts. After breakfast we all decided to go ride the golf carts around the island. The island is very small so we got to the other side, the opposite of our hotel, in a breeze.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at a well known zip lining spot over the edge of the island dripping right over the ocean. We thought it would be a lot of fun for all of us to do it. Most of us had the courage to sign up, but a few stayed behind to just watch. I was surprised that Jake wanted to do it. I kept thinking he was gonna chicken out of it, but he never did. He was to young to go by him self, so someone that works there had to go with him.

Believe it or not, Jake was the first up to go. Then it was me, my friend, then after her it was both my parents. There were 4 zip lines we went on. The first was easy. Then the next three were over the ocean. It was so pretty, I loved looking out into the ocean, while gliding through the air. Jake looked like he was having so much fun. As soon as I got to the final rope he was already going down it. He was having so much fun. Everybody was having a load of fun.

I was front in line to go down the final line, with my parents lined up behind me. When all the sudden the guy right next to me started yelling things I didn’t understand. Then it came. We heard a big bang, then silence……. Then a screeching yell that seemed like it came out of no where. But no it did not come out of no where. We soon realized it was coming from my little brother, the one that was just a few seconds later was having so much fun. The yelling was coming from Jake.

My parents didn’t know what was happening. All they knew was that their son was hurt and they had to get to him. So they hopped on to the zip line in front of me, and slid down the rope racing to get to Jake and see what had just happened to him. By the time I finally got down Jake had been raced to the first aid kit lady who was now rapping his head. I didn’t get to stay long before they told me I needed to go to give them space.

A few minutes later I got to see Jake, and he looked perfectly fine to me. But I still had no clue what had happened. Jake, my parents, and a family friend went to the hospital to go get everything checked out. So I stayed behind with my friend and her parents waiting for a call to hear what the doctor said. While we were waiting I finally got to hear what happened to my brothers head.

They said… He was waiting for his parents to come down from the zip line. He was standing on a platform behind where the main platform was. The main platform was the last platform for the zip line where you take off all your equipment. Then they put it in a bag, and they use these hauling equipment to pull up the heavy bag of harnesses. The bag was almost all the way up when the line snapped. And was tumbling back down the line and was coming right for the back of my brothers head. He was thrown forward and hit the front of his head. So that’s how he craked the front and the back of his head.

A few hours later we got the call, and all they said was that he was fine and that they were coming back in a few hours. So this kinda recked the rest of the trip for Jake, because they said he couldn’t get into the water for a week. We still had a lot of fun, and Jake found a way to have fun with out the water. The trip to Esla Mujaries didn’t start out well, but we made it work.

Aced It

Gather on the court;
To play my favorite sport.
Pass, set, spike it;
Thats the way we like it.
Points on the board;
We’re the team that scored.
We just got an ace;
And beat them to first place!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: PC – My Shots@Photography via Compfight

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