Month: November 2014


Ever since I remember I’ve been having Thanksgiving at my grandmothers house.  So receiving my soccer schedule for this year was very disappointing.   I saw that they had scheduled a tournament in Dallas; on the day of Thanksgiving.  At first I thought there was no way my parents would let me go, but they surprised me, and said I had the choice to go or to not go.

It took me while to decide, but I finally made up my mind and went ahead to go to the tournament.

I really hoped I didn’t make any one mad having to drive to Dallas on Thanksgiving day.  I also hope no one was disappointed having to celebrate Thanksgiving a day early.

Although we had to celebrate early everyone had a really good time.  Driving to Dallas was a long trip, but no one seemed to care when we stopped at Jack in the Box for dinner; when everyone else was eating turkey and mashed potatoes. ect  My soccer tournament went well and we had a very good time in Dallas, and I’m ready to do it all again this year.


Next week it will be my thirteenth birthday.  I’m not really gonna have a birthday party, because it seems to kiddish for a 13 year old.  So I’m going to just go to the movies with some friends. It wasn’t always like this.  I used to have the biggest birthday parties.  Like my 6th birthday party, now that was awesome!!!

When I was turning 6, I had a surprise birthday party, but the surprise wasn’t for me, it was for the guests.  Around 8am we went out and drove to all my friends houses who were invited to the party. They had no idea we were coming, but their parents knew.  When we got to each of their houses I would get out, knock on the door, and when my friend opened the door I would say ” I’m kidnapping you to come to my 6th birthday.”  They were all still in their pajamas and looked a little confused at first, but they all got in the car one by one.

After the last person was kidnapped we headed back to my house.  Once we got there we all sat down at a table and were delivered menus. We all ordered from the menus and were served our breakfast soon after that.  We finished breakfast and of course being girls we all played dress up, and put on our favorite princess dress.  We played around and began to settle down when the magic act guy showed up.  He was very good at his job; he made things disappear then reappear. It was so much fun to watch.

It was a really good party; one of the best I’ve ever been to. Now the parties are little, and I got to say I like the smaller parties better.


It was dark and scary night;
All the costumes gave me a fright.
I said goodbye to all the light;
And walked the street in the mid of night.
There were people around me left and right;
Trying to get the best candy without a fight.
Seeing my candy grow, I thought I just might;
End up with the most candy of the night.

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