Month: January 2015

The Dog Next Door

For my entire life I have lived with small animals.  Small hamsters, small dogs, small chickens, small everything.  So it was a little strange when our neighbor’s came over to introduce their new BIG dog.  They called him Nate.

We were worried about our little animals, so my little brother asked, “Will he try and kill our pets?”  She kind of laughed and said, “I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out.” in a playful kind of way.  We all knew it was a ridiculous question.  I mean why would she have a pet that would harm other pets.  It just doesn’t make any sense.

But I guess we were wrong.

It had been a couple years after they got Nate, when we bought two bunnies.  They loved to hop around outside in their cage, but one day, one of them escaped. It wasn’t hard to find her. We found her in the garage eating cat food.  We tried to get her to put her back in the cage, but she wouldn’t let us grab her.

A couple days later, after trying and trying to get her to go back in her cage, she went missing again.  We looked for her everywhere. We were looking for her for days when…I was walking near the back of my yard and thought I saw her out of the corner of my eye.  So I went over to the spot where I thought I saw her and found her laying down sleeping.

But only she wasn’t sleeping.

At first I had no idea what or how something got in our back yard and got her.  Then I glanced over to the gate, separating us from our neighbors.  There was a hole in the gate big enough for a big dog to get through.  Then I knew what happened.





Bad Game

The whistle blew signaling the end of the soccer game.  My coach’s face turned red with anger and embarrassment of our performances on the field.

He shouted for us to come over for a meeting. He didn’t talk for a while. He just glared at everyone, trying to dig into our soul.  Then, out of no where he yelled, “That was unacceptable!” He paused and looked at all of us.  “Please tell me this is not how you plan to play this season!” he said in a frustrated voice.

I could tell that everyone was beginning to feel frightened by the tone in his voice. He calmed him self down a little and walked away. We all looked at each other in fear. We thought we were done, so we began to pack up our stuff. Then suddenly, he called for us to come over behind the goal.

We all walked over to him. I thought maybe he had calmed down a bit, but I was wrong! He was as mad as he was before. He told us to form two lines. We were all to scared to object to anything he said, so we did it. Then he told us how disappointed he was in us again. He made us do suicide exercises over and over again.

He was trying to torture us!

We had a bad game, but he expected too much of us. We had not played in a while, and the other team was a year older than our team.

After the suicides he made us do other little drills. After 45 minutes of drills after drills, he finally told us we could go home. He wasn’t as mad any more, but he still wasn’t in a good mood. I hoped he wouldn’t take it out on us in practice next week.

Have you ever been yelled at during or after a game? If so, why?

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