Steamboat Springs greghartmann via Compfight

The first family vacation I ever went on was to Steamboat, Colorado. I will never forget how much fun I had on that vacation.

It was my first time to go skiing. There are so many good and funny memories of my first time to ski in Steamboat. All the times I totally wiped out and landed on the snow with my face were some of best memories.

I can also remember the house we stayed in. It was huge! I loved how some things in Steamboat can be really big, but then other things are so small. The airport in Steamboat is tiny compared to the one in Austin. It was so small that when we landed, we had to get out outside and walk into the airport.

When we were there, they got a lot of snow, and it was so so cold. I had to wear a lot of clothes just to feel comfortable. Especially when we went tubing on the snow. My fingers nearly froze off.

I will never forget my trip to Steamboat, Colorado. I had so much fun. I will definitely find a way to get back there!

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