Nothing can be worse than family road trips. You’re all crammed in a car with all your siblings and luggage. They’re yelling and screaming for you to put your feet off their chair. You’re yelling back there is no room for them. Then your parents get mad with all the noise and blame it all on you.

After so many hours you get restless and wish you were out with your friends and not stuck in a car. The worst part is when you fall asleep for awhile, and when you wake up your feet are a sleep. When they start to tingle you can’t do anything about it, because you can’t move any where.

Road trips with the family are so boring. After a while of playing games, reading, or talking it gets really tiring. All I want to do is move around, but I can’t. I can’t stretch my legs, and I have to listen to all the kid moves my little brothers’ pick out. In conclusion I don’t hate road trips, but they definitely get boring and tiring as they go along. Some people may like road trips, but all the yelling, being uncomfortable, and getting bored throughout the entire trip isn’t for me.

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