If you know my family well enough, you would know that we tend to hurt ourselves a lot. Just last month my brother twisted his arm, and broke it. Although they are all on accident there has been one injury that has happened to my sister, brother, and me. When we were all in kindergarten we cracked our heads open, and had to get stitches/staples. Was it a coincidence, or not?

When I was in kindergarten, I was on the playground and decided to try and impress my friends. It didn’t go well when I got pushed off the platform, and hit my head. I went to the hospital, and had to get several staples in my head. Two years later my sister, Logan, entered kindergarten. She got sick right after Christmas. It made her lose her balance often. One time, she fell off a chair and hit her head on a table. She had to get six stitches. A few years after that my brother became a kindergartner. He never got hurt throughout the entire year, but after school got out we went to Mexico. The second day on the trip we went zip lining, and an accident occurred. My brother, who just finished kindergarten, was hit in the head with a heavy load of zip line equipment. He had to get stitches in the front and back of his head.

This year my other younger brother, Ryder, is in kindergarten. He hasn’t cracked his head open…yet. What do you think, coincidence or not?

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