Spring is here!Black and White Tentacles

Michael Taggart Photography via Compfight

Creative Commons License SteveRish via Compfight

Red, blue, purple, and pink are all colors our eyes allow us to see. If we lived in a world without color we would never be able to see things in the way we see them now. All the colors in a sunset and rainbow would be lost. Everything would loose its beauty and uniqueness.

In the book the book the Giver, all the people see in black and white. Their lives aren’t unique they all see the same thing. They have no idea of the beauty of colors. The author has everyone see in black and white, because in there community they all have to be the same, (ordinary) and being able to see color and beauty makes everyone different. They’ve never seen the flowers in their different shades of pink, purple, and red. They’ve never seen the sky change colors from a light baby blue to a blue that is as dark as the ocean. They’ve never seen anything beautiful because the beauty of everything is based on the colors. The picture above looks dull and boring in black and white, but once it is colored it makes everything look exciting and happy.

If we were to see everything in black and white we wouldn’t appreciate uniqueness. The picture of all the flowers above is so pretty, and so wonderful to look at. Once we switch the switch to black and white we loose all of the beauty of the flowers and everything in the surroundings.

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