Month: May 2015

Choir Field Trip

The Great American Scream Machine Matt Barnett via Compfight

Last Friday, the entire seventh and eighth grade choirs traveled to San Antonio to compete for high ratings on our UIL pieces. I took part in the honors and mixed choir competition. It was a day filled with excitement and fun.

The entire West Ridge choir was anxious for the performance to begin, as apparent by our sweaty palms. We moved on stage, took our place, and began the music. Our performance went smoothly, and we made our way to the bus to wait for the other choirs to be done. After all the choirs finished, a lady came to tell us, ” You all did an amazing job. All West Ridge Middle School choirs received ones in each event”. We celebrated by going to Six Flags, Fiesta Texas.

Once we arrived at Six Flags, we raced down to the Superman ride. We waited and waited and waited some more. Finally, we got front row. My heart was pounding so fast as we pulled out of the loading station. We reached the first drop off and my stomach felt like it was doing backflips down the roller coaster. I was astonished at how quickly the ride went by. I climbed out of my seat, and ran excited to find the next thrill ride.

I was sad when the day finally came to an end, but it was fun while it lasted. We scored the highest ranking you could get on our UIL pieces and we got to go to Six Flags and play all day. I can’t wait until next years trip to Six Flags!


Summer has creeped up on us it’s just around the corner. One more month, until all the homework, studying, and tests are gone. This summer I don’t have any big plans, but I’m sure I can still have fun right here In ATX.

My plans this summer will be pretty low key. Trips to Galveston, Port Aransas, and right here in Austin. My trip to Galveston is a yearly cousin get together on the beach. Except this year is the first year that my cousins don’t have their beach house, so I guess we’ll have to sleep on the sand. Just because I live in Austin doesn’t mean I can’t have the same fun I would have on a vacation. Most of my days in Austin consist of surfing/tubing behind my boat on Lake Austin with friends.

I won’t be going many places this summer, but I’ll still have my fun in ATX. There are so many things I could still do in my hometown. What will you be doing this summer? Are you going anywhere exotic? Can I come with you?!?

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