About me

Hello there, its me McKala (well duh).

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Terence Kearns via Compfight

Today’s blog is all about me, me, fantastic me!  It’s not very often people get to talk about themselves without sounding self-centered.  Now is my chance to introduce you all to the world of McKala, and give you a peak into what makes my world go round.  I love sports.  Playing sports, watching sports, dreaming of sports!  My sports focus is in soccer and volleyball.  Why?…you might ask.  Well, because I’m pretty good at defending my turf, and crushing my opponents (on accident…of course).
When you can’t find me on the field/court, your next best guess would be at the piano, or playing the guitar in my room…alone (cough, I’m a loner, cough).  I’m not a complete loner, I promise.  I have friends, lots of them (wait does your mom count)?  I have to say, I find myself pretty talented at shower singing.  I have people lining up to hear me.  Or maybe they are trying to see where that horrible noise is coming from.  Either way, I’m a horrific singer.  Oh wait, stupid auto correct!  That was supposed to be terrific.

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