It was dark and scary night;
All the costumes gave me a fright.
I said goodbye to all the light;
And walked the street in the mid of night.
There were people around me left and right;
Trying to get the best candy without a fight.
Seeing my candy grow, I thought I just might;
End up with the most candy of the night.

Halloween Costume!

When I was younger, all I wanted to be for Halloween was something scary, gross, or disgusting.

I remember I went through a phase where I was obsessed with vampires.  So that year, I tried to find the best vampire costume to wear on Halloween.  I was really proud of what I found.  I wore a creepy dress, with white makeup all over my face, and dark makeup around my eyes.

A couple years later, I was a doctor.  I wanted to be a doctor, because I was obsessed with the show, Grey’s Anatomy.  The actors were all doctors, and it seemed like it was a lot of fun.  I wore blue scrubs with a surgical mask, and some doctor tools to resemble a doctor performing a surgery.

This year is totally different.  A group of my friends and I planned to do a group costume.  We all decided to do different types of candy as our costume.  I did Nerds.  We made our own shirts.  I put the Nerds logo on the shirt, and surrounded it with the Nerd looking animals.  The whole group is wearing the shirts we made, Nike shorts, and long socks.

This years costume is different then the others, because I’m just not as excited to dress up for Halloween as I used to be.

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