I Love Italian Food

                                                       I chose this photo because I love beautiful, Italian pizza and food. I love to go out with my parents to down town Austin and have Italian food with them. Italian food and fancy food (like in the picture) are one of my favorite kind of foods to eat.

How I learned To Do A Backflip

This is a great video for anyone who wants to learn how to do a backflip. I think this video is helpful because the boy comes up with drills and sorta warmups before you do the backflip, and then he guides you through the whole learning experience. I personally learned how to do a backflip by just thinking of this girl i saw do it and how she did it, and then BAM! i just did it.

The Best Gift

In 6th grade I was in an English class. But this wasn’t any ordinary English class. My teacher was Mrs. Washburn and she was cool!  Everyday at school all I could think about was 7th period because it was so fun and I loved it, Mrs. Washburn was really funny and understanding and I just really liked the vibe in that class. Some days I would come home to my parents and say “ OMG I JUST HAD THE BEST DAY EVER!” and that was usually because of English class. Mrs. Washburn is an amazing teacher and person. Almost everyday now as a 7th grader I go to Mrs. Washurn and I say hi and we chat for 10 minutes or so , she always makes my day. We have a very strong bond and she told me on the last week of school that she was gonna send me something in the summer. I was really excited. In the last 2 weeks of school English class was so FUN!!! We watched a couple movies and we went outside some days and other days we had fun little game days. We had This one day where we had to bring food, candy or drinks and we could just eat, watch the movie that Mrs. Washburn was playing or be on our phones. My friend Paris is in that class and everyday she would make me laugh, she’s hysterical. Her, my other friends and I ate our cookie cake and Cheetos as we watched the move. It was a really fun class that day. On the last day of school it WAS THE BEST DAY EVERR!!!! I did a rap with Paris for the class LOL and then Paris started to do this really random but hilarious dance and me and Mrs. Washburn could not stop laughing, it was the best day of the whole school year. Before the bell rang, I gave Mrs. Washburn a huge hug and I thanked her for everything she taught me and I told her how much I loved her and her class, she was really happy that I said that and I was gonna miss her, but I’m really glad that I got put into that class. The bell rang, I said goodbye to everyone and then I got on the bus. The bus was a really fun ride, my bus driver played a bunch of music on the radio and me and my friends were so hyper because of all the sugar we had that day from teachers and stuff. I got off the bus and then I had a good rest of the day. On July 3 I received a small package from Mrs.Washburn, in the package was a framed picture of me at Main Event on the rock wall. There was also a really sweet letter in the package and when I was reading it I almost cried.  Her letter gave me a lot of confidence and I was very blissful because I’ve never gotten such a lovely letter. It’s the best letter I’ve ever gotten. I love her so much 🙂