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What’s up, how’s it going. This is my first blog post , well…… I’m going to tell you some Apple rumors ,because i don’t know what to talk about. Disclaimer for people that are Apple hatters , please don’t read this I don’t want to have people dissing me ,thanks. So here we go, by the time I post this it will probably be the day before or after the event but any way . I’m going to start with the phone because thats all that people care about . So I am going to start with what we think the final name for the biggest phone which is the Xs Max( 10 basically but bigger ) it’s going to have A better camera than the iPhone X camera, there is also going to be a a smaller that particular iPhone which is the IPhone Xs . They are also going to make the iPhone X r that is going to have a lot of colors like blue , yellow, orange,etc.but this phone is going to have a a pretty good camera even though it is the quote on quote cheap model of the phones.  Now let’s talk about the Apple Watch ⌚️, this years Apple Watch will be the  series 4 , that will have round edges and will come in gold , silver, and space grey . It will have new watch face that has 8 way to interact with on the lock screen and it Has the capability to give you a ECG that has been tested from the FDA and it has been approved for medical use . There is a lot more I could cover but this already is getting lot if you would like to learn more go to Apple website , thanks for reading the whole thing.

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