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The book I’m reading is called hatchet it’s about a boy from upstate New York named Brian. The book starts with Brian on a plane thinking back to all the times he had with his friends and the secret the reason he’s on the plane away from his friends his mother oh how he hated his mother the reason he’s going to his fathers house in canada it all led back to one word divorce. Later on with more and more thinking and pondering the pilot out of know where the pilot starts shaking and grabbing at his heart Brian starts to worry and soon after about ten minuets the pilot stops he’s not breathing not shaking his heart isn’t even beating dead the pilot is dead. In the middle of all that shaking the pilot must have bummed the wheel because the plane nose is tilted up Brian tries multiple times even it out every time he does its gut renching. After a while he has evened out the plane and he knows he must land the plane. He finds a clearing by a L shaped lake he tilts the nose down and waits right before he hit the ground he pulled up and landed into a bunch of trees it stops the plane rolls over and into the water he he wakes up he gets out of the plane as fast as possible swims to the shore crawls up the sand and falls asleep. when he wakes up he knows what he must do he must survive until someone finally comes and saves him.

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  1. Valeriet7 says:

    I read this book and I really like it. There are a lot of plot twists. The story of a boy with only a hatchet to help him survive is very touching.

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