Advice for Next Year’s Seventh Graders


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My friend Hudson and I are going to give next year’s seventh graders some advice on what to do and what not to do. With these following tips, you will have a great seventh grade year.

First of all, don’t procrastinate too often. We both waited till the last minute after to finish up our different projects for the GT Exhibition, and it didn’t go well. Homework will pile up after awhile if you just keep waiting to start a project or assignment.

Secondly, you should always study before an important quiz or test. If you don’t, you will probably not do so good. There are some people in Hudson’s Spanish class who don’t study for the vocabulary quizzes and fail miserably.

Lastly, always have a page of study habits for every class that you take in you seventh grade year. The study habits will help you remember upcoming events. Many people would have forgotten their homework if they didn’t have their study habits this year.

Artemis Fowl: Book 4


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From the second book of Artemis Fowl, they defeated a goblin raid planned by Crudeon and a pixie named Opal. As They went to jail, the pixie escaped and wanted revenge.

She plotted multiple locations of where commander Root might be and attack there. As she plans, the LEP are unaware that Opal is loose. Confident and brave like always, Root and Holly went on a normal mission like they always do.

But this time, they didn’t notice a special visitor arrived. Minutes later of tough arguments and fighting Opal eliminated the commander. As tragic as it is, the pixie was still not satisfied; she wants all that was in her way dead, including Artemis. Holly tracked down Artemis and Butler so they can recapture Opal and put her back in jail.

As many attempts goes by, they were still successful at the end even against a brilliant mind like Opal’s.

Artemis Fowl: Book 3


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Hi everyone! The third book is like all the other Artemis Fowl series. It includes someone or something trying to take over the world and Artemis teaming with the LEP to stop them.

As another year goes by, the young mastermind went back to his old and yet dangerous plans. This time, he built a cube that can hack any devise made out of old LEP tech. When more and more humans knows, they are trying to track down Artemis including one of the most powerful person on Earth, Jon Spiro. Artemis gathered his teammates and tried to recapture The Cube. After many attempts, he finally got it back and returned it to the LEP.

Thank you guys for reading. Il be posting the next books later on each week.

My Poem at the Beach


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The Beach

I found a fish on the beach,

I went close to take a reach.

But sadly it wasn’t alive.

I went in the ocean to take a dive,

but I had to leave when my mom arrived.

I went on the coast to find something cool,

but all there was shells and zero jewels.

And that is my day at the beach.

Evening Light Christian via Compfight

I wrote this poem because my grandparents live near the beach in China and I often visit them. When I go to the beach, my brother and I normally just go in the water and fight the waves. That is why I love going to the beach and play.

Three Great Places to Visit in U.S.


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There are many great to visit in U.S., but I noticed 3 places that you must see. These places can inspire you to a new hobby that might be one of your most important aspects of your life.


A white room of a different kind

Creative Commons License Ruth Hartnup via Compfight

1. Santa Fe Skiing Resort may be one of the most trilling places you been. It includes training lessons for beginners and steep hills for experts.  There are many visitors from all around the country to ski on these snowy hills.


Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Panorama Paladin27 via Compfight

2. Grand Canyon National Park includes high mountains, beautiful plateaus, and a glorious stream of water. These plateaus are covered with a vast amount of green trees at the sides and top that are dying to see.

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park Radu Micu via Compfight

3. Yellow Stone National Park is covered with red plateaus, hot spots, and buffaloes. It has a very unique structure of rocks that well definitely blow your mind like The Balancing Rock.

Artemis Fowl: Book 2


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Hey everyone! The book Artemis Fowl can steal your attention any time and anywhere. The second book of this series is like an upgrade to people’s lives. Keep reading to know the action packed story unfold.

One year later, Artemis Fowl continued his devious plans for crimes and possibly world domination. Artemis is getting worried about his mother now. His dad went on a trip to the Mafia and was presumed dead for 3 years. Now, Artemis is trying to find his dad no matter what, but money itself cannot save one’s life.

Down underground, Holly, Foaly, and Root noticed another evil nemesis called Cudgeon and another one called Opal Koboi. Now, Artemis and the LEP has to work together in order to defeat the pixies and save Artemis’ dad. They have to first go underground to invade the pixie’s base and uncover their plans. After many tries, they disabled Opal’s plan and saved his dad from the Mafia. After 3 years, his dad will obviously not be in the same condition, but Artemis still has to go through with it.

With his dad in the action, Artemis might change his actions and become the best hero ever.

Artemis Fowl: Book 1


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Everyone in the world has to have their own way to enjoy life. Even though I don’t like reading that much, the book Artemis Fowl just grabs my attention.

Book 1: It’s about a teenage kid genius that knows the simplest concepts to the secret of life. In the beginning, he is studying the underground and learning about the fairies also known as the “People”. As the story goes, he tries to capture one and get greater knowledge of the People. The force underground is called the “LEP”. They protect themselves from the humans or “Mud People” and corrupt fairies. Their technology is speeding up in a rate 5x faster than the humans, causing Artemis way more trouble to reveal his plan. Artemis has his very own huge bodyguard named Butler that somehow is still alive from many Artemis’ treacherous plans. After many obstacles, Artemis failed to claim a fairy, but captured many fairy secrets.

As the story goes on, Artemis has to team with the LEP to overcome all the commotion in the fairy and human world.

What’s Your Favorite Game?


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Hey everyone! What’s the best way to spent a raining afternoon? That’s right, playing games. People have different opinions about different games. It might be on an IPad, desktop, XBox, or PS4. Since the school gave us IPads to “learn,”some people like me found other usage to entertain. My favorite game is is a multiplayer game that’s about eating other players to get bigger. As you get bigger, you also lose more mass per second. In the game, you can buy special equipment to make your cell faster, eject more, virus resistance, and eject further. As the the equipments get better, the cost and lv requirements increases.

There are many modes you can contribute in, including free for all, team death match, death match, capture the flag, hunger games, territory war, guild war, and many more. In all of them, there’s red or black virus. The red splits you in eighth and other mass from your cell. The black one only divide you into eighth.

I am sure that there are many other games that you enjoy on an IPad, but this the best one I seen so far. Of course this not my favorite game, but it still helps me kill time. Thank You!

Phantom’s Lair


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For maybe a couple of weeks, I’m gonna stop informing you guys about the current events and more on random things. So for this time, I’ll be describing the Phantom’s lair.
In a dark dark abyss, lies hatred and anger. Not really a good mix for a murderer like the Phantom. Mold surrounds the walls, trapping the dead souls of the ones who had been killed. The fowl odor roams through the cave like Columbus looking for Amaerica. The only sound that occurs in this melancholy cave are the music box, water drips, and the Phantom’s rage. Happiness nor joy came thorough this barrier. The perfect house for a person like the Phantom.
Thank you guys for reading! I can get a head start about my new topic if you guys can give me some ideas in the comment box.

Storm Hits California


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Hi everyone! Earthquakes, thunder storms, and hurricanes¬†are happening all around the earth right now. What’s so special about the one I’m gonna tell you right now is that it’s non-stop and ferocious.
On January 6, 2016, Southeastern parts of California was struck by a tremendous storm. Everybody in the region got soaked and more is yet to come. If you were on the streets of California, you might see shuttles roaming around in search of individuals. The amount of damage caused by the storm varies directly with the specific region you’re on right now. If you’re near a valley or cast, it can get up to 3.5 inches in I’m sorry to inform you this, but the rain may last another 2 weeks. Thank you guys for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this!

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