K-Spin 16… Open Letter to Harry Potter


Dear Harry Potter,


You have been facing problems with bravery for years. Some people say that you made some decisions they disagree with, but my opinion is that you did everything to give all of your fans the experience that makes you and your story so famous!

You did everything perfectly:

When you were blamed by Snape for something that wasn’t your fault, like when you dueled Draco and got blamed for casting the first spell even though it was your opposer that started it, you found a way to convince him and prove your innocence. You never gave up, and you faced Snape boldly. Harry, do you know how many times you’ve almost gotten expelled? It’s that urgency, “NO YOU CAN’T EXPEL HARRY!” That makes your story so fun to watch and read! It’s also iconic scenes like from before the duel with Draco that couldn’t have been better… “Scared Potter?” “You wish.”

When you had to get through the TriWizard Tournaments—even though you didn’t put your name in that goblet—you faced the challenges head-on with help from your friends. You took a problem, such as TWO people captured underwater by the mermaids, and solved it in the awesomest way possible, fighting your way to the surface with both of them, even though you didn’t know one of them.

In your duel with He Who Must Not Be Named in the Goblet of Fire, you were very brave. You battled your worst enemy, and escaped alive. You kept calm enough to think of something to help you escape, and survived a battle with the greatest dark wizard of all. The battle was intense, but you bested Voldemort. Awesomely.

Your story was a wild ride! You always kept calm when the going got tough. You always emerged victorious. You are an iconic hero to so many people! The reason you’re story is MY— and many other people’s— favorite series, is because…

every decision you made was perfect.



Miranda S.

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