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K Spin Ten… Quest!

Pixabay CC0
Okinawa beach!

Ever since the beginning of this year, I’ve really wanted to go to Japan. Mostly because I got into anime. If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d want to go to Japan!

The thing is, I’ve already been all over Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean many times. One of the only places I haven’t been, is the motherland of anime, Japan. I made it my all-time quest to eventually go there! I’ve been preparing and planning the whole adventure!

I know that I want to go to Tokyo, because it’s the capital, but I also want to go to Shibuya to be in the same place as a character from one of my favorite video games! I absolutely HAVE to go to Okinawa though. It’s a beautiful chain of islands with beaches and the ocean!

This is how I’ve been preparing: I’ve been teaching myself japanese, so by the time I’m in high school or college, I’ll be able to walk around and talk to everyone normally! I also can’t wait to try authentic Japanese cuisine!

K Spin Three…Death Note! Anime Series V.S Movie

Death Note is one of the best anime series I’ve watched. It makes you fall in love and hate with some of the characters at the same time! It is a series based off of a manga, and it is currently on Netflix if you feel like you might want to watch it after reading this.                                                                                                Death Note is about a genius high schooler named Light Yagami that finds a magical notebook that can be used to kill anyone whose name is written in it. He uses this power to act like a ‘god’ of the world, using the shadows to hide his identity while passing judgements on criminals. He is given the name ‘Kira’ by the public.                                                                                            I love the plot of this series, and how it is full of smaller plans, that lead into one giant one that you, the watcher, are completely in the dark about. Another thing about this series is that it makes you feel as though you are experiencing everything that the characters are experiencing. I have to say, if I had to rate the series, i’d give it a 10/10. The movie remake however, is a much different story…

Death Note the movie which is also on Netflix, cannot even be compared to the series in my opinion! The plot is completely changed, the secrets are too obvious and can be figured out before it is explained. The acting is lazy, the story is confusing and mixed up, and some characters personalities are changed distinctively!                                                                                                                  If you are thinking of watching the movie before the series, I HIGHLY recommend you don’t.  If you watch the movie first, you will just hate the characters before you even meet them and there is a chance you may think you know overall what is going to happen, when in fact, there is virtually nothing similar between the movie and series.

I found a site that did reviews on the series and I agree with it. If you want to learn more, You can read about it here.