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K Spin 15… FIRST Championship!

109 teams competed at the FIRST Championship… only 18 teams would win an award. The competition was fierce… everyone striving to win no matter how exhausted they were. 91 teams walked away empty handed… but the 18 teams… became some of the best in the world. My team, Club Oreo… was one of those 18 teams!!!

“Club Oreo, are you ready?” Says one of our judges. We start walking into the room, singing our chant. “Innovate, create, team 14938!” In the front of the room was 3 judges, with rubrics on the table they were sitting at. This was our PROJECT judging! Where your team goes to present the research you have done to fix a problem that associates with this years theme, Hydrodynamics.

We programmed our own app that calculates how much water you could save if you xeriscape your yard—whichns to replace water-hogging plants with native plants and hardscrape and then tells you how much money you could save. We presented a skit called LAWN AND ORDER! It was really cool and the judges were impressed.

In the end the award we won was the ROBOT Strategy and Innovation award!

3! 2! 1– LEGO! The buzzer sounds and the robot runs start! This buzzer, the 3 robot attachments running out to earn us points, and the cheers of our watchful referees, would be one of our key reasons for winning the robot strategy and innovation award. The robot team of Club Oreo and I worked really hard this season to build a complex, unique, consistent robot. 

At the award ceremony, there were lights, the teams all sitting together in anticipation, music blasting, and beach balls being passed around the celebratory room. When the music quieted down, all that was left to do was announce the winners of each award. We all had to wait eagerly in those seats, heart pounding every time a team name was called. When our name was called, we couldn’t believe it!  We rushed down excitedly to the stage to claim our long awaited reward!

It was an awesome FLL season! Now the competition is over, and Club Oreo walked away one of the 18 best FIRST teams on the entire planet! I can’t wait for next year’s theme, Into Orbit!


K Spin 14… Driving Without A License!

Pixabay CC0


 I love going fast, whether in a car, riding on a galloping horse, or just running in the wind. I’ve always thought of how fun it would be to drive a racecar, and recently, I got to try it!

  A couple of months ago, I went to the K1 Speed Track, where you get to take the wheel of your own mini racecar, and race against other people! After each race, you get a score sheet with your results, and how many points you got based on your rank. I went there with my brother, my uncle, and my mom. 

Even though the karts only go about 45 miles per hour, it’s more than enough! 45 MPH is a lot faster when you don’t have a roof, or walls, around you to block the wind and sounds. The track I was on was full of twists and turns, and I had to learn how all the controls work so I wouldn’t crash into the boundaries. There was a go pedal, break, and reverse. To do some of the sharper turns, you had to slow down a bit, but the straight paths are a completely different story.

RRRRRRRRRRR! VRRRRRRRRR! The engine roars as you push the gas. seeing out of the corner of your eye, the rubber flying off the wheels. The wind rushing around your helmet, and making your hands cold. You go into high alert when your racing because you don’t want to crash, and you don’t want to let others pass you!

It was an exhilarating experience! I actually beat my older brother once! I officially drove a car–for the first time– even though I don’t have a license! And I tell you… it was fun!