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Photo taken at tournament by a parent

This past weekend, I was at a lacrosse tournament. This one, however, was a big competition at an actual college!

My first game was at 10;30 in the morning, so I had to wake up super early to make it on time to warm up.

When we got there, I learned that there were over 20 teams, 12 fields, and 6 games to play if you got to the finals, which my team did. We won the first two games on the first day and had a team dinner to celebrate. 

The tournament itself was two days long, so my entire team stayed in a hotel. We played picture hide-and-go-seek athroughout the entire hotel and got ice cream.

The next day, we won 1 game and tied the other, but that was just enough to make it to the semifinals! We ended up winning the semifinals and moved on the championship game!

It was an epic battle:

Whistles blown, goals, cheering… then the end of game buzzer sounds.             We had won the championship.

My team and I sprinted to our goalie and off the field to take a team photo with the (super heavy) trophy we had just earned.

It was a super hard, but super fun weekend. I’ll never forget it!


K Spin Two… Learning LAX

I started playing lacrosse when I was in 4th grade, but when I started playing lacrosse, well, lets just say it was not easy. My mom played lacrosse when she was little, so she taught me the basics. The one thing that even professional lacrosse players have to do… Cradling.