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K Spin Five… My Free Range, Cage Free Lizards (Not For Consumption😂)

Pictures of my lizards. Made with PicCollage


Ever since I was in 2nd grade, I have begged my mom to get me a pet lizard. Well my wish came true almost immediately. Just not in the way you’re probably thinking.

About 3 months after I said I wanted a lizard, tiny geckos started appearing in our garage. I was ecstatic! They were so cute, small, and had huge round eyes. My mom wasn’t as happy about it though, to say the least. She eventually learned to accept them.

Now, I have several lizards. One group of geckos lives on my porch. They have light tan, to white scales with grey stripes. Another group of geckos still live in my garage. They have dark tan, to light brown scales and black or dark brown spots. I also have bright green Anole lizards that let me pick them up, the occasional Spiny Lizard, and various others. I personally think that all of them are ADORABLE!

They never come into the house, and they help get rid of the mosquitos and other bugs. They’re actually really helpful! Therefore, my mom tolerates the lizards, but she still won’t go near them!