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K Spin 11…The Phantom’s Lair

CC0 Pixabay photo

This is a post for a school project… A description of the Phantom of the Opera’s Lair!


The Phantom’s Lair


The phantom sat in box five of the opera house, gazing at the empty stage that Christine had just sung on that night. He turns and disappears into a long empty hallway which leads to a hidden door. It’s the pathway from the surface into his dreary underground home.

Everything’s the same, dark.

His steps fall heavily on the damp floors, and he is surrounded by darkness. The only sounds he hears is the slow dripping water drops coming from leaky cracks above. He continues moving forward to a mystical underground lake. One boat on the shore waiting to float on the waves. The stench of rotting rat flesh makes the air heavy, but the Phantom is used to that by now. It is his lair after all.

He rides the boat to a small island in the middle of the lake that houses two thrones. Both dusty, one is worn out and the other one particularly old and unused. He takes his place on the worn out throne and looks longingly to his side…

To see where the love of his life refused to sit.