Open Letter

In English class we are writing open letters, here’s mine.

An Open Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom,

You have done so much for me and the family. Cooking, cleaning, caring. I am so grateful for everything you’ve done, and you need a tribute. Thank you.

Thank you for always staying with me, even how bad things got;
Thank you for making me food when I’m hungry;
Thank you for making sure I do well in school;
Thank you for driving me to and from all the places I need to be.
I could say so many for “Thank you”s but that would never be enough for all the things you do for do.

But I want you to know that I’m beyond extremely grateful for you.
Everything you do is to help me good or bad and I’m glad you have done that for me, because some people make bad choices and I don’t do the bad choice with them. I am who I am today because of you.


Your loving son


My CO2 Dragster

A couple of weeks ago, we made CO2 dragsters in Tech Systems. We started off by just sketching random designs, which I don’t have anymore. Next, we took our favorite design and made it into a slightly more detailed drawing, the concept design (which was in the same sheet of paper as my random designs). After Coach Spodick approved it, we finally got to the blueprint where you have all the measurements of your car. This one, I do have.

After Coach approved that, we got to cut our dragsters from our block of wood.

Here is the finished cut:

After that I out on 2 coats or primer, white paint. I don’t have picture of that though. And then I put a coat of red.

After that I put on some tape through the middle and then painted it black.

I was really nervous that Iput the tape on correctly, or else it would look bad, but…

I did it great! Then with a few touch-ups I was ready to race it.

I couldn’t get the video on this (uplead size), but here is something that might help:

That is my page for my Dragster where everything is in more depth.



Right now I’m in Omaha, Nebraska writing this. Why, you ask; it’s for robotics. As you may know ( or are about to find out) my robotics team won our regionals tournament and now we are in Iowa for the National Championship.

Before I go further, the tournament was a VEX FDR challenge( ⬅️ Click that for more info). We had to make a robot that could throw foam jacks and pillow blocks ever a fence. And it could be able to hang in a pole and lift itself 1 foot above the ground.

Our robot could do all of that, but you had to do it in teams of 2 vs another team of 2. We started of undefeated and first place (this was in the regionals) out of the 3 games so far. Then, we got paired with people,who couldn’t work their robots and lost the last 5 games. We ended up in 16th place or of 26!

Now you’re probably wondering how we won if we were in 16th place. After the qualifying rounds the top 8 teams got,to pick their teammates for the eliminations rounds. 1st picked 2nd, 3rd picked 4th, etc. It would be teams of 3 but you only got 1 pick at a time. Some teams picked teams below us for you people keeping track. Then when the 1st team came around to picking again they picked us!

As soon as we were picked we knew we were going to win. And, we did.

That’s the trophy we won.

I’m not sure why this isn’t a picture: MG_0036-1ckn0it

The team on the red bar in the second picture is my team.

When we won the tournament we qualified to go to the national tournament— which we did. Now we are here and about to compete— well half of our team… Major R. couldn’t come because he couldn’t make it and Kusal P. because he got sick. So it’s just Raghav S. and me. I hope we win even though the chances are super small.

It’ll be a great experience either way. Wish us luck!



NJHS Essay

I had to write an essay explaining why I should be a member of NJHS, and that’s expository. So here you go.

I would be a great candidate for NJHS because I can motivate student to participate in service activities, maintain enthusiasm, and bring good ideas to NJHS.

I will motivate students to do service projects by telling them that doing service is important because it will change the students lives and the people that they are helpings lives. It also feels very good to help people and everybody should feel that. O will keep them enthusiastic by explaining to them that it will help make them a better person and that it’s rewarding. The good you do will catch up with you when you need it, so it’s rewarding in that way.

I can also bring good ideas to NJHS like technology. It would be cool for me if I could go to other schools and districts that are lacking technology and teach the kids there about it. I could help them learn and possibly get them interested in technology.

So slow my accomplishments have been winning my recent VEX Robotics tournament at Hill Country Middle School. Now I get to on to nationals in April. And that shows my commitment to a cause and the technology I can use. I also won a Labor Day Cup when I was in Westlake Soccer. That shows I work well with a team and that I’m committed to things. And I went to a food bank and helped sort out the foods which got put into boxes that then got sent to the less fortunate people that can’t/couldn’t provide it for themselves.
And I can’t wait to be a productive member of NJHS!

Super Bowl Results

As we all know the Atlanta Falcons took on the New England Patriots on the 5th. And somehow the Patriots won 28-34. THIRTY-FOUR TO TWENTY-EIGHT! Howwwwww. After being down 21-3 at the half. They were down 18 points, which if the won would have been the greatest deficit in Super Bowl history to win (which they did). So I’m just going to go over 2 topics that really caught my interest with you: The Patriot’s epic comeback, and the 30+ records broken or ties in that game.

Ok, lets do the comeback first. I still am in shock that the Patriots won. But it can summed up in 1 sentence: The Falcons got cocky. Boom, that’s it. The Patriots played a terrible 1st half, whilst the Falcons played a great one. And since the Falcons were up 21-3 at half, and no team has ever come back from an 18 point deficit. So they thought they had it in the bag. But they didn’t. The Patriots wanted to win, and they played hard and won a great game.

Ok now onto the 31 records broken — that’s the number—  in the game. But to save all you readers time, I’m just doing 4. The first one(which I’ve already mentioned) the largest deficit for a team to win by: 18points. The second: the 1st overtime and overtime touch down in Super Bowl history. This of course was done by the Patriots for the 34-28 win. Another record — actually I’m just going to do 3 of Tom Brady’s records. Record passing yards: 466 yards. Pass attempts/completions: 62 attempts and 43 completions. And the last most appearances by team: Patriots, 9.

Overall Super Bowl LI was a great game by both teams. But sadly the Falcons slacked off and lost themselves a game the could have easily been won. This was also a historic Super Bowl with over 30 records broken, which is amazing. It was a great game and a pleasure to watch. I’m looking forward to Super Bowl LII.



Expository Writing

A couple of days ago in English class, we worked in expository writing: where you explain what you are writing about a little more. Here is my entry: Why McDonalds is Bad.

Best fries? Best burgers? Best fast food restaurant? McDonalds is overrated. To begin with, eating enough of the “food” will kill you. It’s not even all meat and greasy. McDonalds even went through that thing about the pink slime stuff. Gross. That is dissapointing considering they’re the biggest fast food chain in Theo world. To me McDonalds is disgusting and I will only eat there if I have to.

Not only is the food toxic, but their McFlurry machine is always broken. People go to a McDonoads to get a McFlurry, but they get a “Machines broken.” In response. That’s sad because they are not only the biggest but also the richest, so they can probably afford better equipment. And even if their machine is working- a miracle- they don’t taste good ( they’re only good if your are super hungry).

If I get a choice I will NOT go to McDonalds (except on a really, really long road trip). I don’t get why people like McDonalds.

Super Bowl

I am really excited for Super Bowl! The Atlanta Falcons vs the New England Patriots on Feb 5, 2017.

I think it will be a great game either way, but I’m hoping the Falcons will win since the Patriots had the “deflateagate” thing (and more). The Falcons #1 scoring offense might have some trouble against the Patriots #1 scoring defense, but who am I to know… And out of the 5 times the #1 scoring offense has played the #1 scoring defense in the Super Bowl the #1 defenses has won 4/5 of the times.

So just based on that the Patriots have a higher chance of winning, but there are more factors, like by the record of them playing, the Patriots lead 7-6. Overall the Patriots are more likely to win.

The Falcons will have a tough game but I really hope they win. And if not, good game to the Patriots.

3 Kings Day

On the 6th was  . 3 Kings Dad is the day when the 3 wise men came to baby Jesus and gave him gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

I didn’t get that for 3 Kings Dany, instead I got some clothes, some toys, and a RC helicopter with a camera, so I can take pictures and videos! The bad thing is that I am just bad at flying it… I’ve crashed it at least 15 times. I just need to practice.

3 Kings Dad Continue reading 3 Kings Day

Adopt a Family

In our school we are doing Adopt a Family.

Adopt a Family is a program where we give people who cannot afford much (not even Christmas) presents!
Our wildcat time family needed socks, HEB gift cards, blankets, and more.

Each person brought a gift and one kid in our class splurged and got at least $150 worth of stuff, it was really nice of him. I brought in a HEB gift card (it’s all I could get), and I feel pretty good!

I hope that the family we are helping has a Merry Christmas and will be helped by the stuff we brought/bought them.

My Poem Apollo 11

Apollo 11
Mitchell K

Crowds gather around and people sat dumbfound
To watch the spectacle of engineering take off
Silence… Then the sound hit like a waterfall
Smoke erupted like a volcano
Glowing embers flew
And off it went into the clutches of space
Then the cameras started rolling
As the distance between the rocket and Earth was enlarging

When it approached its destination
It encroached the space between Man and moon
Then it landed.

Today we see the clips
Except 13 seconds
And people reckon
Did it happen?

Then people see the pics
And say “PROOF”
But did it happen?

I was inspired by the “Space Race” (USA vs Russia). I wrote it because I want my readers to understand that some thing are not always as they seem. I used the word choice as I did to have a narrative feel, and I used used careful word choice to describe thing better.

'There is water at the bottom of the ocean.'

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