The End… Or Is It?

Hello loyal followers! I’m afraid I’ve got a little bit of sad news today, this is my last blog post. I know, I know, you all are in tears right now (not). Don’t fret though, my friends, because I’m thinking of starting a new and improved blog with my friend who is referred to as Belle in former posts. I will re-post all of my former good posts and leave the rest of them here. So for my last blog post, I’m going to talk about what happened in the Texas legislature earlier this week concerning all the bills that people were trying to pass to stop gay/lesbian people from getting married. So let’s get started!
My family has always been concerned with the rights of gay/lesbian people. This is because we know many people for which that is their reality. My mom and aunt have  several friends who are either gay or lesbian. I also have uncles who are gay and are proud of it and are happy with who they are. So when we heard that there was a bill to be brought up before the legislature that would basically ban gay/lesbian marriage in Texas, even if the Supreme Court decides it should be allowed, we were naturally worried. 
My mom explained to me that the people at this legislative session who didn’t want this bill passed would have to stall until midnight, when no more bills could be heard for another two years. So I was really hoping that these people were good at stalling. My mom and dad stayed up very late trying to find out if the bill had been discussed yet. I wanted to stay up as well, but it was a school night and I was told that I need sleep. I woke up the next morning in a bad mood as usual, but my mom told me that the people stalled enough so that the bill was never discussed! This was very exciting news for so early in the morning, and it turned my mood around to happier than before. 
I am very glad that this bill wasn’t passed or discussed because it would unfairly impact so many people’s lives. I am not just happy for the sake of my loved ones, but for the sake of everyone who is being discriminated against and not given the rights that they deserve just because they love someone. People who are against gay/lesbian people say that it is wrong or a sin to be gay/lesbian, but really I think that it’s wrong and a sin to hurt and be rude to other people because of who they are. These people didn’t choose to be gay/lesbian that’s just their reality and I believe we should be respectful of them.
Questions of the post:
Where do you stand on the matter of gay/lesbian rights? (All opinions are taken into account on this blog). Also, if I shared a blog with Belle would you read it?
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Old Movies Aren’t Bad Movies

Hello loyal followers! So this week I am doing a post about some of my favorite movies. They all happen to be from the 80s. That’s somewhat because of my mother and father and free Saturday nights. Oh well, let’s get started!

So as I said before, all of these movies are from the 20th century so are not as well known to children my age. I’m going to start with Clue. First of all, I love the board game, so my mom thought I could finally see the movie about two years ago or so. (I read a lot of Agatha Christie books so I’m extremely used to the idea of murder so it doesn’t bother me that much.) Anyways, the first time I was laughing almost the entire time! It was wonderful! I actually knew about some of the actors in the movie so it was really cool to see them in it. I can’t really pick a favorite part to describe, but I love the singing telegram part. I mean it’s so random and unexpected and she is just killed off as if she were nothing! I also love Madeline Khan’s ad-libbing monologue during one of the three endings. That’s another thing, I love how when it was still in theaters, they would show different endings to the movie! I also love the last line of the third ending where one of them turns out to be an FBI agent with a wife. I love this movie so much, I had it shown at my murder mystery birthday party! (There is also a post about that if you go back a little bit.)

It’s time for the next movie! This movie is called The Three Amigos! This is my aunt’s favorite movie of all time, so when I was finally aloud to watch it, she came to see it with me. I actually knew some of the actors before this movie (yet again) so it was really cool to see them. I love the part where Steve Martin’s character is trying to get the attention of the other two characters while they break into a studio by trying to sound like a bird. The looks on the other two people’s faces crack me up every time I see this movie! It’s absolutely wonderful! I also love the invisible swordsman scene. I just can’t believe they shot the invisible swordsman! (If you watched the movie you’ll get that reference.) It’s just so cute and funny. If you’ve noticed that there’s a trend in the movie genera so far, nice job.

The last movie I’m going to talk about is a definite classic. It’s called Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Many people know and love this movie. There are many amazing quotes that can be gathered from it. For example, “We are all just sand in the wind dude.” I love all the different historical characters included in this movie. Like Billy the Kid, Freud, Joan of Arc, and Gengis Khan. Let’s take a minute to talk about Gengis Khan in this movie. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder at a movie then when I saw the scene where Gengis Khan is in the sports store and grabs the bat hits the mannequin’s head into the basketball goal, and then starts beating the snot out of it! I was in hysterics for five minutes! I had to watch that scene again about ten times! This is just in general an all around awesome movie. So, if you haven’t seen it, see it now.

So you’ve probably gathered that I love comedy movies. I feel that if I want to take a break from my day to watch something that’s a few hours long, I’d prefer to laugh than to cry. There are of course many more hilarious eighties movies that I’ve seen that I could talk about, but that’s going to be about it for today!

Question of the post:
What is your favorite eighties movie?

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A World Without Color

Hello loyal followers! So this week I was thinking that I would do a post about my favorite movies since the one about my favorite musicals went over so well. Instead I give an essay type thing about a world without color that’s required… Sorry. Well anyways, let’s get started.

Imagine a world without color. Only blacks, whites, and grays surround you. Color is an important thing in our lives. It controls our likes and dislikes, what we wear and many other aspects of life. Color is an important thing in our everyday lives. Color gives us choices in our lives.

Lack of color is an interesting subject addressed in Lois Lowry’s The Giver. The lack of color in this novel adds to the theme of not having choice or freedom. In a world without color differences are lost. In a world without color opinions are lost. It says in the book that people that lived generations ago chose to live without color or choices because of what evil it could do. Differences and opinions are important, and make you who you are good or bad.

For me I know that a large example of this comes from my summer camp. At this camp, we are sorted in to three groups, and each group has a color. Without these colors, we would have no way of showing our group pride. This is very important to people who go to this camp with me. It gives us the choice to be loyal to our beloved group.

Also in the photo below there is a rose from my mother’s garden. In black in white it just looks like another boring plant without any individuality. When you add back the color, you see that the Rose is a beautiful mix of orange, red, yellow, and pink. Without the colors you lose the simple beauty of a rose grown in your own backyard. Without the colors you lose the amazing individuality of this lovely flower.

In conclusion, a world without color would be a world without beauty. It would also be a world without individuality, and with individuality comes choice. Like the gorgeous rose. Without colors, it loses beauty and individuality. Would you chose in a world without color like the people in The Giver?


This picture was taken by my mother of her rose.

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Wrapping Wars: This Time It’s Personal

Hello loyal followers! So I had the writing STAAR last week, so I was really not in the mood to write. Also, happy Easter to everyone. So last post, I’m afraid I left everyone a cliffhanger. It was about The Plan. This plan of mine has been put off for months, and finally, two weeks ago, I got to see it through.
First, I need to give you some background information. So on Valentine’s Day, I was over at my grandma’s house for the night while my mom and dad were out to do Valentine’s Day things. The next morning at lunch, my grandma received a text from my dad. It was a video of Bruce and Kaitlin using sparklers near my house… My wooden house. Nice thinking by them. (Sarcasm implied). Anyways, they had also put a pink smoke bomb on my front porch (there is now a permanent pink stain on my porch after lots of power washing.) This was the last straw. I had an idea a few months previously to somehow get some ladies’ unmentionables and strew them around their yard. I had been given a strong veto at the time. Now, I was given a very strong yes.
We went online and somehow found a website that would ship to us 120 colorful, lacy, cheap ladies’ unmentionables. This was back a few days after the bombing, and we were told that we would get the package of wrapping materials in early March before spring break. We told Dylan of our plan, and he wanted in. We spent weeks getting closer to the enemy, and we found out that he was going out to Guatemala for all of spring break: the perfect time to strike. We had our evil plan, and we were very happy about it.
 As the days went on, we kept checking the package tracking website. This is where things started going wrong. After two weeks, the package was still in China! (Yes we bought these from China). It took the package a week to get to the U.S  – on a boat of all things! By that point, Bruce’s dad had managed to fall through his back porch and break his leg, so no Guatemala, and Dylan was already in Colorado skiing. So we decided to not wrap them during spring break. 
On the Wednesday of spring break, Kaitlin was scheduled to come over to my house to watch the newest Supernatural episode with me. Kaitlin cannot keep a secret to save her life, so we had not told her about the plan. She would probably have told Bruce, which would have been unacceptable. So my mom and I get home from a shopping trip to the mall 20 minutes before she’s supposed to come. I checked the porch per my usual routine. Low and behold! A small package on our porch. I ran to it, picked it up, and dashed inside.
“MOM IT’S THE PACKAGE!! IT’S THE PACKAGE!” I screamed. She looked at me dubiously and took it from my hands. We unwrapped it… Before my eyes were the unmentionables that would get me my revenge. Mom counted each one for a total of 120 pairs as I watched the door and did a little happy dance.We worked lightning fast and had just put them in a bag in my mom’s closet when the doorbell rang. I spent the next evening watching Steel Magnolias and Merlin and cutting tags written in Russian off of the Chinese items.
Fast forward to the Saturday after spring break. Dylan came over to my house, and we waited for the right time to pick up an unsuspecting Wesley from his home and exact my revenge. After hours of waiting, we finally went to go pick up Wesley. We had previously told his mother about the plans and had asked her to keep him awake and in dark clothing and away from his phone.  We rang the door bell with our all black attire and with our ski masks that Dylan had provided on. Wesley was very confused for about 30 seconds until we started to explain the plan. He loved it. After we finished our explanation, we headed towards Bruce’s house. We each grabbed a bag with 40 pairs of the ladies’ unmentionables, and Dylan grabbed a plastic angel from the Christmas excursions and we were off!
We stopped the car at the top of the street. We walked down to Bruce’s house while my mom took a moment to explain what was happening to the strange guy walking his dog at 10:30 at night. I went all around the yard, strewing ladies’ unmentionables everywhere I could. I also tied some to their SUV in the driveway.  I put 3 on their gargoyle, I put two on their sculpture of a dog, and more on another sculpture of a chicken. Then Dylan, with a stroke of genius, tied one baby blue pair around the neck of the plastic angel and hung it from a nail stuck in one of their pillars. After we were satisfied, we casually walked off, content with our work.
We took Wesley back home, then went to pick up Dylan’s things from my house and took him home. Eventually, my mom got a text from Bruce’s dad concerning our latest excursion. Since then, I have been applauded and congratulated by almost everyone I’ve told this story to. So for now… Checkmate!
Question of the post:
Would you have done this to Bruce’s house?
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Musicals Aren’t Mainstream

Hello loyal followers! I don’t really know what to write about because not all went according to plan. (I will explain what I mean next week.) So this week is going to be a bit weird. I’m going to write about some of my favorite musicals and why I think they are amazing. Just as an aside, I really love musicals! I mean, it’s a story but set to music! What’s not to like So let’s get started.

Before I start, I just want to make some of my opinions clear. In all of these musicals and in other literary pieces, I tend to like the villains more than the heroes. The villain always is much more interesting. They have a back story and different goals. The hero just tries to stop them, which, in my opinion, is boring and a little bit redundant. Villains are all different in personality and looks. The hero is just the handsome/pretty person who thinks that anything bad is evil with really not much personality at all. To me, heroes are all the same. Only the villains differ from each other

I’m going to start with Chicago. This is one of my favorite musicals, I think, because I love murder mysteries/stories in general. So if you add music to it, I’m probably bound to like it. There’s also a humorous element to it. I love the song “Class.” In this song, Mama and Velma talk/sing about how no one has manners anymore. The irony is during the whole song, they are both either smoking, drinking, cursing, or some combination. There are so many catchy songs like “If You’re Good To Mama” and “The Cell Block Tango.” They just get stuck in your head all day. This story also has a very interesting plot – not like your usual musical or story in general.

Another of my favorites is Les Mis. I love it so much! There are so many diverse plots going on with Eponine, Marius, Cozette, the inn keepers, Fontine, and others. There is also wonderful music. “I Dreamed a Dream” is one of my favorite songs from this musical. It is beautiful, yet powerful at the same time. The song “Master of the House” adds a little bit of a comical effect to it. I actually listen to the song “One Day More” on the last day of school each year in the morning. There are Phantom of the Opera people and Les Mis people. Don’t get me wrong –  I love both of these musicals, but I like Les Mis more. It has more plot to it. Phantom is just basically a big love triangle over a girl, and all she can do is sing and look pretty. There are also many lessons in Les Mis. For example, one character who has been chasing a man for most of his life because he stole a loaf bread learns that people really can change. The end isn’t really good for this character, but that doesn’t really impact the lesson.

The last musical I’m going to talk about is D*** Yankees. I actually saw this musical for the first time at Westlake High school a year or so back. I liked Lola’s character as the woman who convinces men who make deals with Mr. Applegate to focus on her and not their goal. I love her song “Whatever Lola Wants.” I like this song because I think it would be fun to sing and dance myself. I also like Mr. Applegate. His character is more of a comical representation of the devil. He goes around making deals with people in order to collect more souls. He then makes Lola distract the men from their task, and they eventually go to Mr. Applegate after their death.

I love musicals in general, but these are some of my favorites. You will notice that a musical such as the ones I have picked to write about aren’t your average story. They aren’t all about how boy meets girl and they fall in love, get married, and everything ends in happiness, rainbows, and unicorns. These have a certain darkness to them. Chicago, for example, is about these murderers that are in jail waiting for their trial. A musical doesn’t always have to be about love. Sometimes, it’s interesting to change things up.

Questions of the post: Do you like heroes or villains better? What is your favorite musical?

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It is Sometimes Okay to Break the Rules

Hello loyal followers! So I’m going to say in advance that I’m really sorry about this post. I have to do something expository again so if you want to ignore this or skip over it be my guest. This is an essay I had to write for English class about if it’s ever okay to break the rules. So just a warning this might be incredibly boring. I guess we should get started then.

Breaking the rules. It’s something everyone does. Sometimes it’s for something as small as a cookie. Then sometimes it’s for something as big as a life. It’s sometimes okay to break the rules. If no one broke them, nothing would ever change.

For example, Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was an African-American young woman during the Civil Rights Movement. On December 1, 1955, she got on a bus and sat down in the colored section. The bus quickly filled up. She was eventually asked by the bus driver to give up her seat for a white passenger. She said no multiple times. She received multiple threats from the driver. She was eventually arrested for not giving up her seat. This started a chain reaction until all over the country, people refused to ride the bus. This woman broke the rules, but it helped people start to stand up for civil rights.

Another example of when it’s okay to break the rules is shown in the popular American TV show, Supernatural. Basically two brothers go around the country fighting supernatural beings. During the season 2 finale, the younger brother, Sam, gets shot and killed. The older brother, Dean, is devastated. So he decides to break his morals and rules of mortality. He does this by deciding to sell his soul to a demon in exchange for the resurrection of his brother. During this transaction, he’s informed that if he goes through with it, he will only have 1 year to live. He does it anyway and his brother is resurrected. It’s now season 10 and both characters are alive. If Dean hadn’t broken some rules, his brother would still be dead and his life would be much different.

The last example I’m going to use is journalists. Sometimes these people have to break into places illegally in order to get some real facts about a subject. Occasionally, they have to go into a different country and risk their lives so that we can know what is really going on there. If these people didn’t have the courage to break these rules, the world would be much different.

In conclusion, sometimes it’s okay to break the rules. It all, depends on your morals and what you think is right. Everyone has something for which they will break the rules. Who or what would you break the rules for?

Hi again so sorry if you didn’t find this interesting. If all goes according to plan I will have something very interesting for my next blog post.

Question of the post:
Are you doing anything fun over spring break?

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The Home for The Shattered Heart

Hello loyal followers! So there is something a little different this week. I’m going to write about my interpretation of the phantom’s lair from The Phantom of the Opera. I am actually writing this in a hotel room in Salt Lake City, Utah with three more of my choir members. We performed in two really cool places. So if you have any questions or comments, just comment. Anyway, let’s get started!

Third Person POV

The masked man rows the boat to a steady rhythm. He rows with a purpose, almost triumphantly. The woman behind him rocks back and forth to the rhythm of the boat. Her eyes are glassy, almost as if she was in a trance. She has a small smile on her face as she looks forward. She looks but does not see.

Before the masked man and the entranced woman is his home. Candles stolen from the opera stage line the walls. They are all lit, yet the room is still dark and cold. To the left is a workshop with models everywhere. A shelf meant for supplies is bare. Just a few pieces of cloth lie on the ground. A model of the entranced woman stands in the corner with a wedding dress on. A sheer curtain surrounds her. On a small table is a beautiful model of the opera house from which they came.

On the right sits a small double bed. No sheets lie on it. A single blanket rests on the bed, curled to one side. There is a stool on either side of the bed. On one stool, there is a candle and a cup. They seem to be well-used. The stool on the other side has the same items standing on its surface, but this one is covered in dust from neglect.

Finally, in the middle, there is a table. On either side is a chair and a set place. Wine glasses, napkins, plates, and utensils lie there – two of each. On one chair, there are many cobwebs. The other one is neat and clean. On the cement floor, you can see dark spots from the tears shed in pain at this table. At the middle of the table is a vase and two candles. In the vase there are two roses that are sagging with age. One has a black ribbon tied around it, and the other a white ribbon. The one with the black ribbon faces the clean chair and the one with the white ribbon faces the other side. A candle faces each chair. They have been stolen from the surface and are deformed from frequent use. The wicks are black and burned. The shattered remains of mirrors thrown down in anguish litter the floor.

This is the place the masked man is taking the entranced woman. This is a broken home with pieces of shattered glass and a shattered heart lying at their feet.


Ok everyone so I hope that was good. That’s just how I think his lair looks like. Just very lonely. Sorry about this it was either this or something expository.

Questions of the post:

Which musical do you prefer Les Mis or Phantom? Which character do you like more Phantom or Raoul?

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Wrapping Isn’t Rocket Science

Hello my loyal followers! This week I have been told to write an expository blog post. Sorry about this. Personally, I was going to write about Supernatural since the next episode doesn’t come out for a month. I watched the last episode an hour after it premiered yesterday. In my mind, this season is very controversial for those of us who are a little bit more into the show and look at the subtext a bit more than others might. So if you have any questions about what I mean or just in general, or about what I thought about these last episodes, please don’t hesitate to comment. Sorry, I’m going off on a rant or something. Right, expository blog post. Here we go.

Wrapping a friend’s house has long been an activity people like to do. When you think of wrapping a friend’s house, you probably think about toilet paper strewn all over the person’s lawn. Maybe you like to throw it up into the trees or something of that nature. Though, when you think about it, there are actually many ways to wrap a house.

If you are a nicer person (which by now you probably have figured out that I’m not), you can do a smaller wrapping. A smaller wrapping entails easy-to-clean-up things everywhere, or a few big things in a small proximity. If you want to go with the first option of smaller wrapping, you should probably do what some do. Go grab some extra craft supplies that are of no use. For example: pompoms, rose petals, streamers, feathers, ribbons, etc. Then, you can just quickly run around throwing these items all over the person’s yard. This option is simple, easy, and done in a flash. If you want to go with the second option, it should be more planned. In the winter, Dillard’s conveniently has bags of cheap fake snow in their sale bins. This makes for ideal small-scale wrapping material. Other things you can use for this purpose are: tinsel, shredded paper, balloons, etc. With a small-scale wrapping of any kind, it is preferable to leave a note. For example, if you use the fake snow, you could make a sign that say “Let it snow.”  Those are things you can do for a small-scale wrapping, but what if you want to be a bit more extreme…

Well if you are like some people, you will want to be a bit more creative and extravagant. This is what is called a large-scale wrapping. In this case, you will want to use more permanent objects. Party city can provide wonderful wrapping materials. You may use anything from Mardi Gras beads to a cardboard moose, a gingerbread house to a plastic unicorn mask. For this category, pretty much anything is acceptable. It only depends on your own conscience. Some use smoke bombs. This is not recommend, however, because it leaves a permanent stain most of the time. For this kind of wrapping, it is better to have a group with you whom you can trust not to tell anyone of your plan. Actually, it doesn’t really matter if you can trust them. You can just tell them to come over for a movie and take away their means of communicating with the world at large. Although this kind of wrapping is more difficult or more expensive, it is worth it.

A wrapping can happen for many different reasons: boredom, a grudge, an already existing wrapping war, or even for a retaliation. No matter why, it is important to do it the way only you think it should be done. There are many ways to wrap a house, and you are the only one who can choose.

All right, so that wasn’t awful. At least, I hope it wasn’t. Anyways, next week I am actually not going to be at school for most of the week. I will instead be in Salt Lake City, Utah for a choir trip. I think it will be lots of fun and can’t wait for it! So I don’t really know if I can do a blog post next week. Again, if you have anything to say about Supernatural or anything else I will understand, please comment!

Question of the post:
Which kind of wrapping would you rather do to someone?


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Satanic Shirts For Valentine’s Day

Hello loyal followers! Well it’s that time of year again. It’s Valentine’s Day weekend… joy. Let’s just be honest with ourselves, and then, we can get onto my post. Unless you are married or have a boyfriend or girlfriend, Valentine’s Day is just harsh, to put it lightly. I know we’ve all had a Valentine’s Days like that, even if we don’t want to admit it: the kind where you just sit at home and do nothing and, in some cases, feel sorry for yourself. If that was your Valentine’s Day this year, please accept my metaphorical hug I am sending you right now. And for those of you who did have a date this Saturday, congratulations! I hope your date was better than poor Kaitlin’s. Her boyfriend Bruce took her to an educational lecture called a “Ted Talk.” You know, nothing says, “I love you” more than a date at nerd central. (Sorry if I offended anyone. I’m just trying to make a point.) Sorry I’m getting off track here. I’m going to tell you the story of my Friday. Yes I know Friday 13th  – so spooky.

So last weekend, I came up with the idea of having an “Un-Valentine’s Day Party.” Fun, right? So the plan was to have everyone dress up in the clothes you would never ever wear on a date. There was a prize for the worst dressed guy and girl. I can’t win my own competition, but I dressed up anyways. So, after a very eventful week of heated text conversations, throwing up, a choir trip to San Antonio, and Dylan breaking his wrist, it was finally Friday.

Dylan decided to ride the bus home with me to my house to help set up. (The story of the bus ride itself is for another place and time). Anyways, when we got to my house, I immediately ran off to the bathroom to change into my fabulous costume. When I was fully ready with my satanic Supernatural shirt, pink printed jeans from fifth grade, Buccee’s hat from my birthday, and seashell necklace, everyone was impressed. I then decided to paint my nails a mint green and be done with it. My nails hardly had time to dry before the first guests came.

After everyone one arrived and Wesley and Amanda were given the prizes for the best costume, we started a game of Pictionary. At one point, the two teams were tied, but sadly, my team lost by one point. Then it was on to the card game spoons (if you don’t know what this is, look it up somewhere.  It’s really fun). Over the course of this game, my friend Belle attacked a guy to get a spoon and won, Jasper and I worked together, and, while fighting someone for a spoon, I broke it in half and was eliminated from the game. It was kind of sad because Dylan, or, as we call him now, “Lefty,” came in second place, only to be beaten by Kaitlin at the very end. Previously, we had all eaten pizza and cupcakes on dinosaur plates, so it was time for s’mores and Catching Fire. The s’mores were delicious, and many marshmallows were thrown to two happy dogs on the ground (the next day, my mother discovered a giant marshmallow attached to one of the dog’s faces and had to remove it). Then, we all settled down to watch Catching Fire. This plan didn’t really work out and resulted in a giant game of Apples to Apples. At this point, it was time for people to go. So, after Dylan finally left after many rounds of Apples to Apples, I settled down to clean up and watch the newest Supernatural episode. In my opinion, this was a day well spent.

Thanks for reading! Also, I have an update on the wrapping wars and in other areas. So, if you have any questions or want to share about your Valentine’s Day, please don’t hesitate to comment. Even if you just want to rant about how awful filler episodes are.

Question of the post:
What was your worst Valentine’s Day experience? What was the best?

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The Shenanigans Concerning The Oppression Olympiad

Hello loyal followers! So I haven’t written in awhile…. Sorry about that. Well I’m here now, so let’s get started! I’m going to give you some background first, as well as introduce a new character.

 Two weeks ago, it was Jasper’s birthday. He had me, Kaitlin, Amanda, Bruce, and Dylan over. He also had a few other people over, but the only important one is a guy named Wesley. Two weeks before the party, I got an email about his birthday party. To sum it up, it was basically the Hunger Games. I was the president Snow character, and Kaitlin was basically Effie Trinket. The email also said that we each needed a costume. Within five minutes of receiving this email, I already had my costume, hair, and makeup planned. The problem was Kaitlin. She is not exactly what you would call “girly”… at all. So I had to plan her ensemble as well as my own. The next week, I took Wesley, Dylan, and Jasper to find their costumes at goodwill stores around the city. It was really fun and extremely successful. We also had Kaitlin over to my house to try on costumes and plan hair and makeup. We were successful.

So here we are on the eve of the party. After the school bell rings, I race out and tumble into my mom’s car with Kaitlin seconds behind me. We drive as fast as we can to my house to get ready. We race through the routine; sparkly nails – check, crazy makeup – check, strange hair – check, super awesome costumes – check! I am in my mom’s gray business suit with grey pearl jewelry, my lips are the same color as my skin with an outline of red around them. My eyes have black, silver and purple shadow on them with a face jewel near my eyebrow for each eye. I have a gray hat on my head with most of my hair back in a low bun. One tendril of hair hangs near my face. The tendril is red. Kaitlin’s costume is basically purple and crazy with her hair up in a bow. Her face has much purple on it with clear face jewels under her eyes. We are ready barely in time. We speed over to Jasper’s house, where we are taken inside to meet the guests.

After we got there, round one started. In round one, we each got a script and read out the words that our character said. After many distractions and shenanigans, Jasper finally keeled over… and died. In The Hunger Games, his character was basically Plutarch. Plutarch is the maker of the Oppression Olympiad. You will find out more about him later. So at this point, we go to the dining room to eat. I end up sitting next to some guy I don’t really know and Wesley. I decide to introduce my self to the guy. May I add that he had on a white lab coat, black bow tie, black pants, fake round glasses, and a voluminous white wig. He says his name is Niles and adds, ” I think I murdered him.” I instantly like the kid.

So round two starts when Jasper’s mother hands out information to us about our character/clues. I find some, well I guess you could call it… interesting information. Apparently, my love life was very active. When I say active, I mean extremely active. I had been or was in a relationship with the characters played by Wesley, Jasper, and Dylan. Awkward, party of three? After an hour of people shouting accusations at each other, and with Niles and I trying to get them to shut up, round three begins.

Round three is exactly the same as the previous round. This time there are more love triangles revealed. The only important one is that Kaitlin’s character has been in love with Dylan’s character for a very long time. Believe it or not, it is important later. So fast forward to round four. The guessing round. Earlier, Jasper had said that we needed to suspect someone we normally wouldn’t. So I think to myself, “Hey, Kaitlin has a motive, and the correct information. She might have meant the poison for me considering that Dylan was still pining for me after I cheated on him (oops). Maybe Jasper accidentally got it!” After everyone wrote down their accusations, we went around the table. My personal favorite accusation was when Wesley accused himself.

Then comes the last round… Revealing time. It turns out, as we went around the table, that I didn’t do it and Wesley was wrong about himself. Personally, I think it would have been rather funny if it had been him. Anyway, as the number of people who professed their innocence wound down, I saw Kaitlin looking rather guilty. After the last person had said they were innocent, we all turned to look at Kaitlin. There was a moment of complete silence before she started to speak. It turns out she did it! I had actually gotten it right. She did it for love. Consequently, her extremely overprotective boyfriend was sitting right next to her. Awkward much?

After that, not much happened. I soon went home after having some small balls thrown at my face which proceed to go directly into the thrower’s direction. I soon went home and took off all of my crazy makeup. Just as a side note, my hair was red for the next four days.

Question of the post:
What was the best birthday party you ever went to?

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