It is Sometimes Okay to Break the Rules

Hello loyal followers! So I’m going to say in advance that I’m really sorry about this post. I have to do something expository again so if you want to ignore this or skip over it be my guest. This is an essay I had to write for English class about if it’s ever okay to break the rules. So just a warning this might be incredibly boring. I guess we should get started then.

Breaking the rules. It’s something everyone does. Sometimes it’s for something as small as a cookie. Then sometimes it’s for something as big as a life. It’s sometimes okay to break the rules. If no one broke them, nothing would ever change.

For example, Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was an African-American young woman during the Civil Rights Movement. On December 1, 1955, she got on a bus and sat down in the colored section. The bus quickly filled up. She was eventually asked by the bus driver to give up her seat for a white passenger. She said no multiple times. She received multiple threats from the driver. She was eventually arrested for not giving up her seat. This started a chain reaction until all over the country, people refused to ride the bus. This woman broke the rules, but it helped people start to stand up for civil rights.

Another example of when it’s okay to break the rules is shown in the popular American TV show, Supernatural. Basically two brothers go around the country fighting supernatural beings. During the season 2 finale, the younger brother, Sam, gets shot and killed. The older brother, Dean, is devastated. So he decides to break his morals and rules of mortality. He does this by deciding to sell his soul to a demon in exchange for the resurrection of his brother. During this transaction, he’s informed that if he goes through with it, he will only have 1 year to live. He does it anyway and his brother is resurrected. It’s now season 10 and both characters are alive. If Dean hadn’t broken some rules, his brother would still be dead and his life would be much different.

The last example I’m going to use is journalists. Sometimes these people have to break into places illegally in order to get some real facts about a subject. Occasionally, they have to go into a different country and risk their lives so that we can know what is really going on there. If these people didn’t have the courage to break these rules, the world would be much different.

In conclusion, sometimes it’s okay to break the rules. It all, depends on your morals and what you think is right. Everyone has something for which they will break the rules. Who or what would you break the rules for?

Hi again so sorry if you didn’t find this interesting. If all goes according to plan I will have something very interesting for my next blog post.

Question of the post:
Are you doing anything fun over spring break?

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4 comments on “It is Sometimes Okay to Break the Rules
  1. Jen Lang says:

    First off, it wasn’t that boring of a blog. Nice job on it.

    Unfortunately, my days of Spring Break are long over and I don’t have kids, so I tend not to pay attention when Spring Break is (except traffic is usually lighter which is nice). Are you doing anything fun?

  2. Mrs. Kriese says:

    Ah, the Supernatural season finales. SPN does know how to do them right! Imagine watching the show season by season instead of on Netflix: we had to wait through the long summer months to continue the stories. The hardest one for me was the season three finale: right up til the end, I was SURE the writers were not going to do that to Dean…but they did!

    • madeleinej5 says:

      They are pretty expert at finales. It makes me a little nervous for what they have in store for the up coming one. I’m finally having to experience the awfulness of having to wait for the next episode of Supernatural or really anything. The season three finale was very surprising for me as well. I was just extremely thankful that I could just move on to the next episode. Unfortunately, there are just three episodes and then another break for Supernatural. After a small break, they will finish the season week by week. Then we have to wait until October seventh until season eleven comes out. I don’t mind too much. Being in the Sherlock fandom teaches you to be able to wait two years for the next episode.

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