A World Without Color

Hello loyal followers! So this week I was thinking that I would do a post about my favorite movies since the one about my favorite musicals went over so well. Instead I give an essay type thing about a world without color that’s required… Sorry. Well anyways, let’s get started.

Imagine a world without color. Only blacks, whites, and grays surround you. Color is an important thing in our lives. It controls our likes and dislikes, what we wear and many other aspects of life. Color is an important thing in our everyday lives. Color gives us choices in our lives.

Lack of color is an interesting subject addressed in Lois Lowry’s The Giver. The lack of color in this novel adds to the theme of not having choice or freedom. In a world without color differences are lost. In a world without color opinions are lost. It says in the book that people that lived generations ago chose to live without color or choices because of what evil it could do. Differences and opinions are important, and make you who you are good or bad.

For me I know that a large example of this comes from my summer camp. At this camp, we are sorted in to three groups, and each group has a color. Without these colors, we would have no way of showing our group pride. This is very important to people who go to this camp with me. It gives us the choice to be loyal to our beloved group.

Also in the photo below there is a rose from my mother’s garden. In black in white it just looks like another boring plant without any individuality. When you add back the color, you see that the Rose is a beautiful mix of orange, red, yellow, and pink. Without the colors you lose the simple beauty of a rose grown in your own backyard. Without the colors you lose the amazing individuality of this lovely flower.

In conclusion, a world without color would be a world without beauty. It would also be a world without individuality, and with individuality comes choice. Like the gorgeous rose. Without colors, it loses beauty and individuality. Would you chose in a world without color like the people in The Giver?


This picture was taken by my mother of her rose.

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