Old Movies Aren’t Bad Movies

Hello loyal followers! So this week I am doing a post about some of my favorite movies. They all happen to be from the 80s. That’s somewhat because of my mother and father and free Saturday nights. Oh well, let’s get started!

So as I said before, all of these movies are from the 20th century so are not as well known to children my age. I’m going to start with Clue. First of all, I love the board game, so my mom thought I could finally see the movie about two years ago or so. (I read a lot of Agatha Christie books so I’m extremely used to the idea of murder so it doesn’t bother me that much.) Anyways, the first time I was laughing almost the entire time! It was wonderful! I actually knew about some of the actors in the movie so it was really cool to see them in it. I can’t really pick a favorite part to describe, but I love the singing telegram part. I mean it’s so random and unexpected and she is just killed off as if she were nothing! I also love Madeline Khan’s ad-libbing monologue during one of the three endings. That’s another thing, I love how when it was still in theaters, they would show different endings to the movie! I also love the last line of the third ending where one of them turns out to be an FBI agent with a wife. I love this movie so much, I had it shown at my murder mystery birthday party! (There is also a post about that if you go back a little bit.)

It’s time for the next movie! This movie is called The Three Amigos! This is my aunt’s favorite movie of all time, so when I was finally aloud to watch it, she came to see it with me. I actually knew some of the actors before this movie (yet again) so it was really cool to see them. I love the part where Steve Martin’s character is trying to get the attention of the other two characters while they break into a studio by trying to sound like a bird. The looks on the other two people’s faces crack me up every time I see this movie! It’s absolutely wonderful! I also love the invisible swordsman scene. I just can’t believe they shot the invisible swordsman! (If you watched the movie you’ll get that reference.) It’s just so cute and funny. If you’ve noticed that there’s a trend in the movie genera so far, nice job.

The last movie I’m going to talk about is a definite classic. It’s called Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Many people know and love this movie. There are many amazing quotes that can be gathered from it. For example, “We are all just sand in the wind dude.” I love all the different historical characters included in this movie. Like Billy the Kid, Freud, Joan of Arc, and Gengis Khan. Let’s take a minute to talk about Gengis Khan in this movie. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder at a movie then when I saw the scene where Gengis Khan is in the sports store and grabs the bat hits the mannequin’s head into the basketball goal, and then starts beating the snot out of it! I was in hysterics for five minutes! I had to watch that scene again about ten times! This is just in general an all around awesome movie. So, if you haven’t seen it, see it now.

So you’ve probably gathered that I love comedy movies. I feel that if I want to take a break from my day to watch something that’s a few hours long, I’d prefer to laugh than to cry. There are of course many more hilarious eighties movies that I’ve seen that I could talk about, but that’s going to be about it for today!

Question of the post:
What is your favorite eighties movie?

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5 comments on “Old Movies Aren’t Bad Movies
  1. Jen Lang says:

    I’m just having a hard time with you calling these old movies, since I grew up in the 80s (does that make me old?). I’ve always been partial to the John Hughes movies as well as the Back to the Future triology.

  2. Mrs. Kriese says:

    My favorite 80’s movies are the Indiana Jones films, though they are such classics that it may be difficult to place them in that one decade. They are pretty timeless in their appeal 🙂

    Top Gun was another favorite back in the day, before Tom Cruise became…Tom Cruise, you know?

    • madeleinej5 says:

      I have also seen some of the Indiana Jones movies. They were very good except for the part with all the snakes in the tomb. I hate snakes.

      I have seen some of his movies! I have seen and really like A League Of Their Own and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. He’s a very good actor!

      • madeleinej5 says:

        Oops! I thought you meant Tom Hanks! Silly me. I don’t think I have seen any Tom Cruise movies unfortunately, but I will look into some of his movies hopefully this summer!

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