The End… Or Is It?

Hello loyal followers! I’m afraid I’ve got a little bit of sad news today, this is my last blog post. I know, I know, you all are in tears right now (not). Don’t fret though, my friends, because I’m thinking of starting a new and improved blog with my friend who is referred to as Belle in former posts. I will re-post all of my former good posts and leave the rest of them here. So for my last blog post, I’m going to talk about what happened in the Texas legislature earlier this week concerning all the bills that people were trying to pass to stop gay/lesbian people from getting married. So let’s get started!
My family has always been concerned with the rights of gay/lesbian people. This is because we know many people for which that is their reality. My mom and aunt have  several friends who are either gay or lesbian. I also have uncles who are gay and are proud of it and are happy with who they are. So when we heard that there was a bill to be brought up before the legislature that would basically ban gay/lesbian marriage in Texas, even if the Supreme Court decides it should be allowed, we were naturally worried. 
My mom explained to me that the people at this legislative session who didn’t want this bill passed would have to stall until midnight, when no more bills could be heard for another two years. So I was really hoping that these people were good at stalling. My mom and dad stayed up very late trying to find out if the bill had been discussed yet. I wanted to stay up as well, but it was a school night and I was told that I need sleep. I woke up the next morning in a bad mood as usual, but my mom told me that the people stalled enough so that the bill was never discussed! This was very exciting news for so early in the morning, and it turned my mood around to happier than before. 
I am very glad that this bill wasn’t passed or discussed because it would unfairly impact so many people’s lives. I am not just happy for the sake of my loved ones, but for the sake of everyone who is being discriminated against and not given the rights that they deserve just because they love someone. People who are against gay/lesbian people say that it is wrong or a sin to be gay/lesbian, but really I think that it’s wrong and a sin to hurt and be rude to other people because of who they are. These people didn’t choose to be gay/lesbian that’s just their reality and I believe we should be respectful of them.
Questions of the post:
Where do you stand on the matter of gay/lesbian rights? (All opinions are taken into account on this blog). Also, if I shared a blog with Belle would you read it?
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One comment on “The End… Or Is It?
  1. Mrs. Kriese says:

    I would love to read the blog that you and Belle write! Send me the link, and I will subscribe 🙂

    Like you, I am a passionate advocate for gay rights. I’ve been appalled at our #txlege activity this session, but I do believe that the Supreme Court decision on national marriage equality will be in our favor. On that day in June, I’ll be at whatever celebration Austin citizens organize…maybe a rally at the capitol!

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