Color- We see it everyday. We see it in the sky, we see it at school, we see it at work. Colors are important to us, whether you realize it or not. So what would the world be like if it was stripped of colors?

Colors add a sort of beauty to everything we do, and without it, life would be dull like it was in Lois Lowry’s The Giver. In the book everyone in the community couldn’t see colors, and I personally think this added to the story because it shows the dullness of there life. It also made me think, what would life be like without colors? It’s hard to wrap your mind around it, not being able to see the beautiful blue in the sky every morning and the glorious green of the trees. In a world without color, everything is lost. You lose all the colors that you associate with happiness and love, and you would be left with a dull, gray world.

Colors are amazingly important to us. In my photo above, it shows a beautiful picture of a hike in New Mexico. The grass was green, the water had a blue tint, and the fog that covered the top of the hill added an eerie feel, but when stripped of its colors, that photo is practically nothing. Without colors, you would never get to experience the full beauty of everything.



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  1. meghana5

    This is soooo cool. I totally agree with you and I really like this post.
    P.S The picture is da bomb.

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