First Bow Deer

Nov - 09 2014 | By

It was 5:30am when we got to the stand. My dad let me go up first just in case I slipped. When me and my dad got completely settled in we had a twenty five minute wait for the feeder to go off. It felt like forever, but when the feeder did go off there were already two does standing right under it eating corn. Then out of the brush comes a nice 9 point my dad had seen before, and he said that the deer was old and mature. He also had a name my dad had gave him, it was Dusky.

It took a little bit of time but he finally asked if I wanted to shot it and of course I said yes. I grabbed my bow from the hook and clipped on my release. My dad put the camera up and said when ever you get a broad side shot take it so when I did I took the shot. The shot was a little high and a little back, but when we went back and watched the video we saw a bunch of blood shoot out and we knew I had just killed my first deer with a bow. We got down from the stand and immediately saw blood. Then there was my arrow that went right trough the deer into the brush behind, and that thing also had a bunch of blood on it. Then we started following the blood trail down the hill, and when I looked up I caught his white belly out of my eye. I told my dad and he was so excited, he gave a big fist bump. When we got to him we started taking pictures and videos. My dad said that “that was one of the heaviest deer he had seen there. This was definitely one of the best hunts I will get to share with my dad.

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  1. Mrs. Kriese says:

    I’ve never been hunting and have never spent time around hunters, so I appreciate reading about your hunting trips! You do a good job of conveying what it’s like for you. Congrats on your first bow deer!

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