Time Travel

So my teacher said that I had to post a video about something I knew how to do.

I was like ‘So can I post an episode of Sherlock?’

Only I said it in my head, so nobody heard it but me.

So I decided, well, I know how to fence, read, um…..understand advanced physics?

So okay. I’ll play your little game.

Happy now?

Life is Just Like This Rope


Welcome to life.

One moment you’re climbing up the cliffs of ‘everything’s going to be okay!’ then some maniac with a princess is cutting the rope in hopes of losing you.

You of course beat him later using a poison that is odorless, flavorless, and dissolves instantly in liquid, but for now you are pretty much screwed, because it takes a very long time to climb up a cliff without a rope and do be quiet this is not as easy as it looks!

Some Spaniard throws you a rope, he’s got orders to kill you, but for now he has the kindness to wait until you are ready.

Starting to sound familiar?

Welcome to life.

(How many of you get this reference? )

Ready For Halloween?


Me on the left, sister on the right. I’m the one dressed as the Doctor.

You guys ready for Halloween? I know I am!

Surprisingly, we got all the material for my costume in a thrift shop and Goodwill.

Man was that overcoat hard to find.

(What do you guys think of my costume?)

Photo by me

Sherlock and Shipping

Okay, you all know about Doctor Who. If not, then WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY BLOG?! But seriously, Doctor Who isn’t the only good British show by Steven Moffat.

There is another.

I see…crossovers….crossovers between Doctor Who and….my new second favorite show of all time…


Seriously, it’s awesome. I recommend it to anyone who is old enough to appreciate a good murder mystery and every waiter in the show thinking Sherlock and Watson are together.

Thank Moffat for those waiters.

So…Sherlock and Watson.

That would be would be adorable.

This is my new OTP.


I can actually see why fangirls ship it.

I used to think it as weird, because when I first heard of shipping fictional characters together, especially if they were both male, I was confused. But I was like nine.

Now I know better, and I know that this pairing is more awesome then Rory and Amy, The 10th doctor with Rose, and the 11th doctor with River.


I think that being gay is fine.

In fact, most fangirls are fine with it. More then fine with it. They want it to happen.

And actually, I want it to happen a little too.

It would just be adorable.

Just don’t make Sherlock cuddly.

Just don’t.

(So, do you watch Sherlock? What do you think about being gay? And what do you think of Watson x Sherlock?)

(P.S By shipping I mean romance. Anything past that I do not want to see/read.)


The Solution to All Our Problems

Okay, look, if you’re reading this blog I think you smart enough to truly understand everything I say.
But there are some things I do not think you are obligated to know.
Like the definition of ersatz, or austere.
You most likely will not ever need to know these words, for there is a far simpler was of saying them.
But I believe that I’m getting off track.

I think everything you do inconveniences someone. For example, you are perhaps inconvenienced when the person next to you is chewing too loudly.
Perhaps you are inconveniencing the teacher by not paying attention.
If everyone just sat down quietly and was completely still, we would all be fine.
Well, we would be bored out of our minds, but less annoyed.
Soon enough we would start humming, or tapping our fingers, or in some way moving.
And then it would start over again.

So basically, you will always be inconvenienced in some way.


(What are your pet peeves? Comments. NOW.)

Talking About Doctor Who

So yeah. I have a blog now.

Blogs are cool.

I was watching the newest episode of Doctor Who, Listen, and I was just like-

And we STILL don’t know his name!

Because I was so sure that ‘The Doctor’s Name’ back with eleven was going to be- y’know-


I guess we might never know his name.

It’s one of those things we just will never know, like how did Jack become the face of Boe? And I don’t mean the nickname he had when he was a kid and had joined the Time Agency.

I mean the real, actual face of Boe.

In a jar thing.

And- you know what? I won’t speak anymore.

Spoilers, y’know?

Cause I’m not River Song, but-