Sherlock and Shipping

Okay, you all know about Doctor Who. If not, then WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY BLOG?! But seriously, Doctor Who isn’t the only good British show by Steven Moffat.

There is another.

I see…crossovers….crossovers between Doctor Who and….my new second favorite show of all time…


Seriously, it’s awesome. I recommend it to anyone who is old enough to appreciate a good murder mystery and every waiter in the show thinking Sherlock and Watson are together.

Thank Moffat for those waiters.

So…Sherlock and Watson.

That would be would be adorable.

This is my new OTP.


I can actually see why fangirls ship it.

I used to think it as weird, because when I first heard of shipping fictional characters together, especially if they were both male, I was confused. But I was like nine.

Now I know better, and I know that this pairing is more awesome then Rory and Amy, The 10th doctor with Rose, and the 11th doctor with River.


I think that being gay is fine.

In fact, most fangirls are fine with it. More then fine with it. They want it to happen.

And actually, I want it to happen a little too.

It would just be adorable.

Just don’t make Sherlock cuddly.

Just don’t.

(So, do you watch Sherlock? What do you think about being gay? And what do you think of Watson x Sherlock?)

(P.S By shipping I mean romance. Anything past that I do not want to see/read.)


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