…I hate everthing you do.

I hate basically everything you do.

Do you chew gum? Ugh.

Do you talk during class when I’m TRYING TO WORK?!

Do you giggle? I hate giggling.

Do you constantly complain about other people, then you do all those things? I HATE YOU MOST OF ALL.

Do you : Chew your food with your mouth open, hum during a test or homework, talk too much, interrupt me, kick my desk, chair, or table, write without Oxford commas, have a speech impediment, (AND talk all the time.) think you’re entitled, ask how to spell simple words, ask why there is New York but no Old York*, use wrong it’s/its, use wrong there/their/they’re, or any other similar words, etc.

So basically I hate 99% of humanity.

Because 99% of humanity are idiots.

*There is an ‘old York’, but it’s just called York.

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