Profound Wisdom

PDid you ever notice that it doesn’t look like a butterfly has legs? And then you drew a butterfly when you were five, and it had four stick-legs that just didn’t look right? Well, that’s how it is describing someone to a friend. You add something you think is there, and then realize ‘No, wait, that isn’t right..‘ And you’re just like “Wait, sorry,’s more like…no…what?” And your friend is just-
“What indeed…”
I think we all just put visual or personality trait that isn’t actually there, simply because we connect then in our mind.
‘If butterflies land, that means they have legs!’ And indeed they do have legs, but not nearly as obvious as you made then look.
Just like emotions.

The Best of Times, the Worst of People

In the worst of times, we often find the best in ourselves.
Unfortunately, the worst times don’t happen very often, so we end up being horrible, evil, and generally not nice simply because times will allow it by being the best they can.
In this way we often create the worst times ourselves, but by then we are already in the middle of WW3
and it’s a little too late to find the best in ourselves.
Great job being the next Hitler, by the way.

But, anyway, despite this, there are some nice people. But all the nice people are all in the Peace Corps, helping some poor African nation with their Malaria, so you’re not likely to run into then anytime soon.