The field, aflame with blazing uniforms, but the orange: flaming, it was supposed to be, but it was dusty, hopeless, broken, defeated— the things an army shouldn’t show.
“Is this how the life of a great hero, a great soldier ends?’ mocked the king, “Faceless, nameless, alone in the dirt?’
“That,” the general replied, “Is how we end, all of us, wether king, peasant, soldier, thief, hero, villain— alone and faceless, a memory to those who knew them, and only those, to the rest? Nothing.”
“But I?” gasped the monarch, “I, the king?”
“A memory still,” the general pressed, “dead for a king is dead to a peasant also.”
Oh, a king? A king, though in life a ruler, a king is equal to the lowliest of thieves in death. A theif, who became a soldier, who died by another man, to rise, then fall, only to be mocked by a king, a king no more then his equal in death.
For in death, all are faceless.
All are peasants.
In death, all are king.

So…I think I might go into poetry, or writing, or…word-ing? Did you guys like it?

Man, Woman, and Humanity in General

Think about the people you hang out with. Your friends. Are they good people? Would you make friends with them if you met on a message board one day and started talking?

Now think about 99% percent of YouTube comments. Would you make friends with someone whose entire existence should probably be censored?

Why, you think, are there so many horrible people? I hang out with nice people, and a lot of the people I know are decent, at least most of the time. Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the Internet. The reason a lot of people are polite is because of the social consequences of not being polite. You insult someone, you either get shunned by their circle of friends or you walk away with a broken nose. But on the Internet, when you insult someone, there are usually no immediate consequences. Therefore, we just say whatever we want. This usually has some negative repercussions, but none above someone saying something mean back.

It’s just in human nature to cause misery to others. We have to work to be nice, but it takes no effort to screw someone over. When we’re babies, we spend the first couple of months depriving anyone in our house of any sleep, until we learn that screaming really bugs people and we make an effort to be nice.

We have to teach our children it isn’t acceptable to harm each other, physically or mentally, or else all hell breaks lose.

Human beings are animals at heart, and we have to really work not to act like it.

Except on the Internet. Have fun!

Yet Another Poem

Repeat, they say, repeat,

and you do, oh yes, you do.

A hero, they say, a hero,

and you cheer, oh yes, you do.

A menace, they say, a menace,

and you yell, oh yes, you do.

My family, you say, my family,

and nobody cares but you.

Another Poem

The leaves fall, fall from empty trees,

family trees, happy trees,

the consequences of war,

but, alas, do you

do you shed a tear for a falling leaf?

No, no, no tears for a leaf,

only the trees weep for the leaf, the leaves, the trees,

weep for them all, but no,

you do not remember the leaf,

you do not cry for a leaf.

A Poem


the color of blank,

or the concept; the concept of blank,

of nothing?

not nothing, but blank?

blank, the color,

not a color,

a feeling, nothing

is blank;

the color of war

of death

of fear



Humanity is Confusing.

Humanity, in my opinion, (and very likely in the opinion of everything with the exception of humans) is the worst thing to happen to anything. We pollute, kill, and make war for no reason but for a lack of convenience in the way of not being a total jerk.

We named our emotions, then said we shouldn’t have them, THEN said emotions were fine, and we go on and on until everyone is right and properly confused and we just want to kill something, which is really why we were starting this in the first place.

We, as a species, are horribly good at surviving. It’s miraculous we’ve survived this long, considering between eating greasy foods and abusing animals, we make a habit of trying to obliterate everyone we don’t like. When an individual does this, it is murder. When a nation does this, it’s war, and war is basically thousands of individual people being told to kill as many other humans as possible without dying, though to the nation as a whole, I really don’t think they care if you die as long as you take someone with you. You’ll be commended on your bravery and given a medal or pin or another shiny object, and you won’t care because you’re too busy being dead.

And our beautiful country will leave your friends and family to mourn, so they can decide ‘hey don’t do that or else we’re gonna mess you up’ and go beat the poo out of some other country while simultaneously killing thousands of people.

Home of the brave, indeed.

And on the subject of needless loss of innocent human lives, let’s talk about witch burnings. Did you know there where weird tests for witch-iness? Like tying something heavy to you and throwing you into a lake. If you float, you’re a witch, and if you sink, oh well, she was innocent but she’s dead now. Tea, anyone?

Isn’t the human race lovely?

And then we have God. I don’t really know if God is real or not, but he kind of screwed up with man. I think maybe he should have stuck with angels and just partied elegantly for all of eternity.

But, no. He created us and basically leaves us to die. Because we’d kill each other. I mean, when there where like five humans on Earth they where killing each other.

So how on Heaven and Earth did He think we’d fare better when there were MILLIONS of VIOLENT, GREEDY, BLOODTHIRSTY SINNERS roaming the planet, killing everything in sight? For fun, some of us.

I’m with Lucifer on this one. If I were an angel, I wouldn’t bow to us, either.

Now, if we evolved, well, that would make sense.

Doesn’t mean we aren’t horrible, though.


Okay, so we ALL saw the new Star Wars trailer, right?

You have, correct?

Go. Now. Like, now. I’ll still be here. GO!

Have you seen the other Star Wars movies?


You don’t need to bother with the prequels, though.

You don’t want to see them?

I won’t stand this heresy! Leave at once!

Now that they’re gone, we can talk about that lightsaber in the trailer. The one with the hilt.

Weird, but awesome!

But I’m kind of wondering what’s next…

I mean, Darth Mauls double bladed lightsaber, the hilted lightsaber, now what?

I’ll tell you: