Man, Woman, and Humanity in General

Think about the people you hang out with. Your friends. Are they good people? Would you make friends with them if you met on a message board one day and started talking?

Now think about 99% percent of YouTube comments. Would you make friends with someone whose entire existence should probably be censored?

Why, you think, are there so many horrible people? I hang out with nice people, and a lot of the people I know are decent, at least most of the time. Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the Internet. The reason a lot of people are polite is because of the social consequences of not being polite. You insult someone, you either get shunned by their circle of friends or you walk away with a broken nose. But on the Internet, when you insult someone, there are usually no immediate consequences. Therefore, we just say whatever we want. This usually has some negative repercussions, but none above someone saying something mean back.

It’s just in human nature to cause misery to others. We have to work to be nice, but it takes no effort to screw someone over. When we’re babies, we spend the first couple of months depriving anyone in our house of any sleep, until we learn that screaming really bugs people and we make an effort to be nice.

We have to teach our children it isn’t acceptable to harm each other, physically or mentally, or else all hell breaks lose.

Human beings are animals at heart, and we have to really work not to act like it.

Except on the Internet. Have fun!

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