I Describe, Then Show You A Drawing or: Dazzletabulous

My hair—my mother spends real, actual money to have my color of hair. It sparkles in the light, shines, glimmmers, sparkles…(what are more synonyms for glitter…dazzletabulous?) Unfortunatly, my hair is more wild then a pack of wild dingoes, and it really sort’ve ruins the [dazzletabulous] effect when your [dazzletabulous] hair is standing up every which way and is more frizzy then a sweater in a lightning storm.

My clothes are nothing special. Solid colors, little designs—the most extravagant thing I have is a Doctor Who tee-shirt. Well, that in the wierd weird wierd HOW DO YOU SPELL THIS WORD WIERD flower dress I never wear.

My glasses are a sort’ve bronze color, gold perhaps? Ovalish in shape, goldish in color—like a librarian’s glasses.

That’s it. Really. I’m sort’ve plain.



Victory, but—
This isn’t how
The battles were back home
We’d kick and
We’d hit and
We’d scream and
We’d fight—
But we’d always be friends
By the end of the night.

Victory, but—
I let myself believe
They didn’t have a soul
So I hurt
So I maimed
So I caused them pain
I was deaf as stone
As they cried to go home
And I kicked
And I hit
And I screamed
And I fought—
Even though I won
It was all for naught.

Victory, but—Hollow.

Laws, Science Pt. 2: Attack of the Shrimp-People, or- A Lesson in Infinity

You might remember the end of Part 1, where I said there is a universe where all of us are shrimp-people. This is true. Along our shrimp-people, there are the cat-people, dog-people, or perhaps the illustrious mosquito-people. And, thanks to infinity, there is an universe where they all exist at once. And one where they are all two-dimensional. And one where they are at war, one where world peace is a thing, ect.

Think of that ect. when you are thinking of infinity. The concept of infinity is basically forever. Think of forever for a moment. If you’re like, “Ya. Already knew that. Not a big deal,” then you clearly don’t get infinity. Try again.

Feeling small yet, minuscule ape-person? Or highly advanced, multidimensional shrimp-person?

Okay, perhaps you are now thinking something along the lines of, ‘Okay, in another dimension, I’m a shrimp-person. So what?’

Well, I say to you, because I am a proficient mind reader, “So, can you imagine being a shrimp-person? No? Then be quiet and go work on your imagination a bit, Little Shrimplet.”

That’s what I’m calling you now. Shrimplet.

End of Part Two.

Stay Tuned for Pt. 3!