Laws, Science Pt. 2: Attack of the Shrimp-People, or- A Lesson in Infinity

You might remember the end of Part 1, where I said there is a universe where all of us are shrimp-people. This is true. Along our shrimp-people, there are the cat-people, dog-people, or perhaps the illustrious mosquito-people. And, thanks to infinity, there is an universe where they all exist at once. And one where they are all two-dimensional. And one where they are at war, one where world peace is a thing, ect.

Think of that ect. when you are thinking of infinity. The concept of infinity is basically forever. Think of forever for a moment. If you’re like, “Ya. Already knew that. Not a big deal,” then you clearly don’t get infinity. Try again.

Feeling small yet, minuscule ape-person? Or highly advanced, multidimensional shrimp-person?

Okay, perhaps you are now thinking something along the lines of, ‘Okay, in another dimension, I’m a shrimp-person. So what?’

Well, I say to you, because I am a proficient mind reader, “So, can you imagine being a shrimp-person? No? Then be quiet and go work on your imagination a bit, Little Shrimplet.”

That’s what I’m calling you now. Shrimplet.

End of Part Two.

Stay Tuned for Pt. 3!

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