I Describe, Then Show You A Drawing or: Dazzletabulous

My hair—my mother spends real, actual money to have my color of hair. It sparkles in the light, shines, glimmmers, sparkles…(what are more synonyms for glitter…dazzletabulous?) Unfortunatly, my hair is more wild then a pack of wild dingoes, and it really sort’ve ruins the [dazzletabulous] effect when your [dazzletabulous] hair is standing up every which way and is more frizzy then a sweater in a lightning storm.

My clothes are nothing special. Solid colors, little designs—the most extravagant thing I have is a Doctor Who tee-shirt. Well, that in the wierd weird wierd HOW DO YOU SPELL THIS WORD WIERD flower dress I never wear.

My glasses are a sort’ve bronze color, gold perhaps? Ovalish in shape, goldish in color—like a librarian’s glasses.

That’s it. Really. I’m sort’ve plain.


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