See The Same


What would a world without color be like? I was reading a book (The Giver, you know—one of those ‘dystopian future’ kind’ve books) and the entire community only saw things in black and white. Well, until the main character, Jonas begins to see colors.


He gets his assigned job as ‘The Reciever’ who holds all the memories of the past. The old Reciever, now dubbed the ‘Giver’ shows him memories of love, war, snow, hills, Christmas, birthdays—you name it! So he begins to understand what life back then was like, and he wonders why things can’t be like that now. He sees his father, in charge of the children of the community, ‘release’ a child and realizes that ‘release’, which has been described as ‘going Elsewhere’, is really death.

So he takes a child about to be released, and runs off. The book ends with him finding this ‘Elsewhere.’


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