Animal Farm: Pigs Indeed!

Ever heard of Animal Farm? If you haven’t, read it before you continue.

Okay, are you back? Well, since you’re done, I’d like to say something:

Communism sucks.

Think about it. China’s a mess, North Korea’s doing horribly, and Cuba…

Actually, I’m not too sure about Cuba. I’ll get back to you on that one. I heard they’re doing better, which means they had to be doing worse in the past, so my point is not entirely lost.

And it just sort of paves the way for corruption, y’know? Factory Worker #984633 is supposed to be giving the chocolate he makes to the government to be distributed as needed, and Farmer #96678 is supposed to be giving his milk to the government for the same reason. But then Factory Worker #984633 leans over and says, to his friend Farmer #96678,

“Hey, Farmer #96678!”

“Yes, Factory Worker #984633?”

“I’ll give you a chocolate bar if you give me some milk.”


Meanwhile, some bloke gets less chocolate, and some other poor sod gets less milk, all because Farmer #96678 and Factory Worker #984633 were being corrupt jerks.

Oh, hey, viewer. I’ll give you some posts if you can get me some chocolate. And remember, under Communism:

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

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