Sequels, Sequels

So, seen Transformers Four yet? How about Saw…what are they on? Eleven? I heard Nightmare on Elm Street: The Next One (or something along those lines) was…horrible, as most sequels these days are.

So, what’s up with all the sequels? Well, of course, the answer is simple:


Money. So much money!

Oh, Paranormal Activity made money?


Oh, Saw was pretty popular?


Alien was good?

SEQUEL!!! (That was better than the first one)

It’s just sort of…


And we’ll stop at nothing to get it! MWAHAHAHA!! And then….


The new Poltergeist is coming out…like, three days after I watched the old one, which is kind of creepy!

New Nightmare on Elm Street…New Superman…

Anyway, bye my little Shrimplets! ♥
Stay tuned for the sequel!

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