About Me

About Me-

Hmm? Oh yes, I didn’t see you there. I was reading and I lost track of time.

Now what do you need? Coffee? Scented candles? Cookies? (Back off, they’re mine.)

…About Me? But that wasn’t due until tomorrow! I know, I wrote it down yesterday.

Oh. Darn. Well you caught me off guard. And who are you? I’ve certainly never seen you before.

Or have I?

Oh well. There’s nothing I love more than improv.

Except Doctor Who. Or ice cream. Or reading. Or…

…You know, just about anything else.

Okay. About Me.

Well, you already know that I’m not very organized. In fact, I always start out the year with organized everything.

Even my sock drawer.

Even my FOOD.

But somewhere along the line I just fall apart. I grab falling papers from my binders, lose things whenever I turn my head around, and I’m constantly trying to keep my locker from exploding.

…You know, the usual.

I like Doctor Who. Speaking of which, did you see the new episode? You know, the one where…

I’m kidding. I would never do that to you. I’m not a Dalek.

Or am I?


I also enjoy….hmm….you know, I don’t enjoy anything as much as Doctor Who.

Not even ice cream. Or Star Trek: The Next Generation. Or even Star Trek: The Original series.

So I’m out of ideas. So…

*Insert goodbye here*

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