Words and Stuff

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? No, I’d be more accurate comparing you to a bored person reading a blog post that probably isn’t worth your time.

I have such a way with words.

But anyway, I realized that even thought it’s great knowing big words, it isn’t really worth anything unless you know a LOT of big words. For example, what sounds better: “Sarah sat on her chair, a melancholy expression on her face,” or “Sarah slumped down in her chair, a melancholy expression on her face, halfway between a pout and complete boredom.”

More is better. Whoever says different is trying to raise their own self esteem.

Shakespeare got it. What sounds better, “Shall I compare thee to a summers day,” or “You’re pretty.”

I dunno, but Shakespeare is awesome. Or should I say, none is so magnificent, so awe-inspiring, so great, as the one they call Shakespeare.