Six Flags

Last Friday, I got to go to Six Flags with all of the people that do choir! It was so much fun!

First, I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning which wansn’t very fun as you could imagine. Especially when I am used to getting up at 7:00. But was okay because this day was going to be great! I had to get to WRMS at 6:15 because we had to go to a choir competition first. We all packed into the 4 charter buses reserved just for choir kids.

After the competition, it was finally time to get to Six Flags! The ride wasn’t as long as it was to get to the competition (which was about 2 hours) so we got really hyped up! I was in a group with a lot of my friends so it was going to be lots of fun! We all wanted to go on the Iron Rattler which is a huge rollercoaster that goes really high up but then drops down really fast. Some people in our group didn’t want to do that so instead we looked for others to go on.

First, we went on the Road Runner which is a really easy one but it was pretty fun. It had some small drops and turns but it wasn’t scary at all. Next, we decided to go to the Gully Washer which is more like a ride than a rollercoaster. You and your group get to get into kind of an inner tube and you get to ride along a “river”. You get to go under some water falls so we did end up getting soaked! After that, we wanted to go on the SkyScreamer which is a really fun giant swing. I have gone on ones like this in lots of other parks before. You an someone else go into a two person swing and it goes up really high and spins you and a bunch of other swings. It was really cool because you can see the whole park from up there! We met up with some other groups after that and I can’t really remember which rides I did in order, but I’ll try to name some. We went on The Superman (which was my favorite), the Poltergeist, the Goliath, the Fireball, and some others.

The trip to Six Flags was so much fun and I really hope to go back soon! It was such an awesome experience and I’m glad I spent it with my friends!


At my church, Lake Hills Church, they have a student program called Crash. It is so much fun and here is why!

Crash is held every Wednesday at the church and lots of my friends go. It is held for students from 6th grade to 12th grade. My friends and I are involved in a small group within the program and our leaders are two high school students, one from Lake Travis and the other from Dripping Springs. We have become very close to our leaders and they are so much fun!

Before Crash, we all get together with our small group and we talk about the highs and lows of our week and just talk about life and what’s going on. During Crash, they start out with the band playing lots of good Christian songs. We all jump around and sing really loud and it’s so entertaining. After that, our amazing pastor, Pastor Dan, has a message to preach that is always great. We listen to his sermon and we pray and all good stuff like that.

I love being involved with Crash because it helps me have fun with my friends while I learn more about God. I always am looking forward to Wednesday nights!

Choir UIL Competition

On Thursday for choir, we went to a UIL competition. We went to a brand new high school in Leander and we got judged for the things we have been practicing.

The bus ride there was really fun; I sat towards the back of the bus and we sang lots of popular songs. The bus ride was pretty long, but we made the most of it.

We got to the school and warmed up outside. Then, we got to the practice room which was a black box theater. We practiced and perfected our songs for 10 minutes. Then we went onstage where three judges were sitting down at the back of the auditorium. We sang our three songs really well. We sang “I Know Where I’m Going”, “Da Pacem Domine” which is an acapella Latin peice, and “Lunar Lullaby” which is my favorite.

After the concert, we went into another room and did our sight reading. Sight reading is when you get music normally 3 pages long, and you get 6 minutes to chant and study the notes. After those 6 minutes, you sing the song using syllables—like do, re, mi—and use the syllable hand signs. While we sing, we get judged on how well we do. Then we get 2 minutes to go over what we need to fix and we sing again.

After we finished, our choir teacher, Mrs. Snouffer, came out of the building with all of the judges’ notes. She started reading them out loud.

With one being the best, she started, “A one from the first judge…a one from the second judge…and a one from the last judge!”

After reading the judges’ notes for the concert, she started again with the sight reading results.

“A one from the first judge,” she continuted, “one from the second…and another one!”

she held up the plaque that we had received and we all started cheering. We had won sweepstakes!

We were driving home on the bus and it was fun again, but a little more quiet because everyone was so tired. We got back to Westridge and we got lots of pizza!

UIL was a really cool experience, and I hope the rest of the year is just as fun!

Too Much Homework?

Students are always complaining about homework, but nobody does anything about it. Are kids wasting time doing unnecessary work?

Students spend about 7-8 hours a day doing lots of work in classrooms. But then—after all of this classwork—teachers assign hours of work to do at home. How is this logical? Teachers may not understand that they aren’t the only ones that assign homework. Almost all of my classes will have homework on a dayly basis, and it’s very hard to fit in all of that work, extra-curricular activities, and family time. Adults are constantly talking about how kids need to go outside more and be more active. I don’t know how they expect us to have enough time to do that if teachers are assigning us all this homework, that isn’t even that necessary. We are wasting our time!

So, homework is unnecessary? Yes, absolutely! Homework is pretty much the exact same work you did in class that day, but at home. Do teachers think we are going to forget the lesson over night? Studying, however, is necessary. If you have a test the next day, a review or study guide the night before is very helpful. But H O U R S of it every night isn’t. It’s extremely stressful. I would much rather spend my afternoon with friends, than stressing about unnecessary work.

Just about everyone has some experience with homework, and I’m sure we can all agree that it isn’t fun. Why are teachers doing this?


In athletics, we started track season! I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it so far…and here’s why:

I like track because I like to run. It is also really good that 7th graders do it in the morning so it’s kind of like a morning jog—or sprint. The weather has been really nice recently and it fells great to run in it. Before I started track and running every day, I had barely any stamina at all. I could barely even do one lap without having to stop and catch my breath! My stamina still isn’t great…but I can at least run a lap with ease. And I might even finish before lots of people! I think track can be really fun sometimes!

However, it can have it’s cons too. First off, track gets very tiring quickly. Since I don’t have great stamina, I get exhausted fast. Especially when we have to run miles! You can also hurt yourself if you aren’t being careful. You can pull a muscle, roll your ankle, push yourself too hard. I also get sore if we exercised a lot the day before…and that’s no fun. Track isn’t always enjoyable—at all.

As you can tell, being a part of track has it’s pros and cons, but I think it all evens out. I’m looking forward to our first meet!

Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado is one of my favorite places to go on vacation.

I love the way the bright aspen leaves flicker in the wind, the majestic elk canter through the mountains, and the warm sun reflects off the surreal snow-capped mountains. I love the beautiful trails in the Rocky Mountain National Park like Mills Lake, Fern Lake, and Sky Pond. My family and I try to go every summer because we love it so much. My mom loves the hiking, my dad and brother love the fishing, and I love seeing how beautiful God made nature. Between the breath-taking views, furry chipmunks, and the amazing weather, you really can’t go wrong.

The community is also really fun. They have a little village filled with shops and restaurants for just having some fun after a long day in the mountains. There is even the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park which is where the thriller movie “The Shining” was filmed. I haven’t (and probably will never) stay there because it is so creepy!

It is really cool to just take a step back from reality and really take your time to see or do something that you normally wouldn’t do. I hope to go back very soon!

Christmas Break

Christmas break this year was really fun! I got to visit family and I celebrated my birthday!

First, we went to my grandparent’s house on my dad’s side of the family and we had lots of fun! We normally spend Christmas morning at our own house then leave right after we open gifts and we go straight to our grandparents. But this year we decided to spend our family Christmas a few days before Christmas Day and then go. So we spent a lot of time out there and it was lots of fun. I got some really awesome gifts!

I also had my birthday over the break! A lot of people say that it’s horrible to have a birthday so close to Christmas and the holidays because you don’t get as many gifts. I like it, however, because when Christmas is over, I get to look forward to my birthday that’s a few days after. My grandparents from my mom’s side of the family came to celebrate with me. That was a lot of fun, too. We got to do lots of shopping (which is my favorite) and just spend time as a family.

I had lots of fun over the break (as you can tell) and I hope y’all did too!!!


I don’t know about y’all, but I am SO excited for Christmas!!!

My family started decorating the house a week ago and it looks good! I helped my mom with the lights on our big oak tree in the front yard and I helped my dad wrap lights on the railings in the backyard. It looks pretty festive! We got our Christmas tree last weekend and this is our second year to get a real tree. We got the perfect tree, but on the way home it flew off the top of the car!!! We had to go back and get another one. We brought it home (in one peice) and we decorated it with lights, ornaments, and ribbon. It looks so good! In my room I also have a small fake Christmas tree that is white and it has green and pink decorations. It also lights up! I am really happy about the cold weather because it is feeling like Christmas!

I am really excited about Christmas (if you can’t tell). What about you?  What is your favorite part about the holidays?

I am His

I am His

He is my salvation,
He is my crutch when I can’t stand,
He is my guide,
He is love,
He is hope,
He is my teacher,
He is my strength,
He is holy,
He is the beginning and the end,
He is incorruptible,
He is miraculous,
He is righteous

He loves me,
He humbles me,
He blesses me,
He gives me courage,
He gives me hope,
He gives me confidence,
He gives me joy,
He gives me everything I need,
He guides me through the hardest times,
He forgives me,
He understands me,
He comforts me

He saved me,
He died for me,
He fabricated me with His own hands,
He made me flawless

I am perfect in His eyes,
I am His,
I am a child of God

I wrote about my faith. I chose this topic because I am very passionate and confident about it. This poem used to be all together with no stanzas or any organization whatsoever. I organized them and separated them into different stanzas. I hope that the readers will see what my faith means to me and what he does for me.

The Kitten

His body was small
and fluffy
and black and white,
and as he turned the corner
he ran
and snapped at a bug
that had been flying around for hours.
And I saw the flash of his tail,
and the double set of whiskers,
and eyes of bright amber,
soft and wide and full of curiosity.
Then out of the room,
whith that bright pink nose
sniffing around out of curiosity
care free,
he ran-that adorable pet,
small, fluffy, black and white,
part lion, part tiger,
part neither-for he was tiny.

Inspired by “The Shark” by Edwin John Pratt

DSCN0965Creative Commons License E Photos via Compfight

I liked “The Shark” by Edwin John Pratt because it had really good description and I liked how he described everything. I recently got a kitten over the summer (which is actually the kitten in the picture above that I happened to find in Compfight) and he is really playful and cute! I thought that he would be a perfect topic in my poem.